Facebook Launches New Search Tool for News Organizations

Facebook is about to launch a few new search tools which main goal will be to help various organizations to figure out what all users are interested in. Basically, those tools are expected to become one of the favorite tools of marketers because it will allow them to look for topics of interest and determine the need of future products for different clients. The tools are also going to “follow” real-time conversations on things such as news topics, TV shows, sports events, etc.

One of the tools will allow users to use different keywords to search for various posts regarding certain topics, listed as public. The second tool, as a matter of fact, is a bit tricky, because according to one of the latest rumors will allow marketers to search through private posts. However, the returned result will be anonymous data such as age, gender and geographical data.

Those tools are Facebook’s answer to Twitter. If you have noticed, Twitter’s latest trending topics offer such features, so facebook was “threatened” to perform such changes in order to keep up with the competition and keeping up the leader position of social network number 1. A few months ago, Facebook users were allowed to find content using special hashtag function.