and Buying Backlinks; Where Does it Stand in Quality Link Building Process

Majority of the bloggers and website owners will agree to the fact that buying back-links is losing the SEO power it once used to have. In fact Google now scowls at it. The search engine optimization boost provided by it is almost always very short lived. However, lately, the affiliates and webmasters who are still compelled to buy back-links in order to improve their SEO presence have been moving towards a different kind of link provider. They are turning towards Fiverr 5 dollar online marketplace.

seo at fiverr

5 Dollar SEO? is a comparatively new website with a gimmick that it claims work, what will you do for five dollars? It is an online marketplace where a number of people sell their business services for five dollars. This website appears to be quite well positioned for online marketing. It is generally used for this purpose only. TechCrunch explains that the gigs of range from reading Tarot cards to installing WordPress on a server to writing a romantic sonnet. You do not essentially have the assurance that your objective will be completed as per your standards, you are only giving out five dollars for the job. So, even if the job is not done well or the gig falls through completely, it will not be a total loss.

$5 seo at fiverr

It also has a feedback system in place that will let you know if vendors have a reputation for truly delivering what they claim they will. It is quite a neat set up. However, is it indeed a choice for marketers who are searching for quality back-links? In terms of quality versus quantity, the answer is no. When you are searching for links at, just like everywhere else, you get only what you pay for.

Spammy Links Are Not Worth It!

If someone is offering say even 500 links for five dollars, do you really believe that these back-links will meet your basic search engine optimization needs?  Are these back-links relevant to your website’s niche? Are they the links to some top-notch quality websites? Is the seller of back-links a known spammer? Though have certain quality control standards, link farms can however still work just as effectively out of that website as any other. However, there are some marketers who are not bothered by it. In certain situations, a secondary website being created for reasons other than enduring online presence can draw advantage from the type of short term search engine optimization boost provided by these instant back-links offers.

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One more risk involved is allowing the back-link providers who operate via disreputable providers, such as XRummer. These are some of the resources that certain online marketers tend to reply on heavily but that well established and known SEO providers do as much as they can to avoid because of long term consequences that may crop up from this type of gaming system. However, one should bear in mind that Google does not forget or forgive the webmasters and websites who beat its system like these people do.

There are a number of shady ways to build backlinks.  Google is really cracking down on spam.  However, there are some good uses for for your blog.

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