30 Free Blogging Tools Pros Prefer

Choosing the right blogging tools & their proper application decides the rate of success in blogging career. We can find a lot of premium and free tools for blogging today but the actual thing is to choose the best ones to cover and handle each & every aspect of blogging.

Blogging has also become a full-time attention requiring task, so many of us find it hard to organize the work on time. That is why today we decided to start from 30 free blogging tools preferred by pro-bloggers to run a successful blog.

In this write-up, you will be introduced to some free tools for bloggers that will help you to become more organized than you believe. If you start using these free blogging tools, you will find more time to smile than you have at present.

So, why to wait and waste time? Get the free blogging tools for organized blogging routine!

free tools for bloggers


There is barely a person who hasn’t heard of WordPress. This is probably the most popular CMS platform for creating websites and the best part is it offers the opportunity of creating websites without having great skills in programming. You must know the benefits of managed wordpress hosting.

Content Idea Generator

ContentIdea Generator represents a Google Doc that will find related news and stories for your blog depending on your requirements and needs. It uses everything that can be found in Google news and Reddit, but also takes a glimpse at public networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Webmaster tools

This is another great resources for any website owner because Webmaster tools is designed to inform all webmasters about the way the Google’s bot is interacting with your site. The information is really great, especially if you want to be successful.


It is a pinging service to let search engines know about your blog update. You’ll find the most updated list of services from which you can choose the best ones for your blog.

Google Alerts

You can set up Google Alerts if you want to receive email alerts whenever there is a new content generated using the keyword phrases you have inputted. The mail arrive your inbox really quickly and you can also turn the notifications on and off whenever you want.

Google Analytics

This is the best web analytics tool so far, so if you want to be sure that your blog is successful, this is the right thing you need. See how Google analytics help in SEO and Content Creation?

Google Ad Keywords Planner

If you want to build new search campaigns or just expand your existing ones, then keywords planner is the right choice you can make. It allows you to search through a keyword or group of keywords and then get statistics in order to see how a certain keyword might perform. You might like to know the features of google adwords keyword planner along with applying the following keyword tips we have shared previously.

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Google Bookmarks

In case you want to bookmark pages for later visit, then Google Bookmarks is the right tool for you. It is one of the best ways to collects links while viewing other sites.


Probably the most popular tool for creating blog RSS feeds, you can also manage subscriptions and many more. It is again really easy to use


This social media management tool allows you to share link to your blog pots on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media networks, so that you can build lots of following relationships. For social media you can have a look at following posts:

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Windows Live Writer

Creating stunning blogs might be really hard, especially if you lack the programming skills – if so, don’t worry – Windows Live Writer comes to help. This tool will allow you to create great posts in a matter of minutes. Add maps, photos, videos, etc.


VCB is a great way to increase your traffic by nearly 200% by saving lots of hours. It will allow you to retweet every few hours and let you meet new friends. You will also be able to promote your content on different social networks.

All Top

This is one awesome tool that will help you spy on your “competitors” and try figuring out how to increase the traffic of your blog. It will give you all the necessary information you require.


Diigo is designed for bloggers who want to keep track of interesting articles. The tool allows you to highlight and store content for quick review later. You can also embed notes.


Almost anyone knows Disqus, and this new version does not disappoint the fans of this app, so make sure to give it a try – this is probably the most powerful blogging tool.

Digg Digg

Another great blogging tool, a wordpress plugin! It represents a great combination of simple implementation, robust sharing and lots of great features that are easy-to-use! Give it a try!


This is really easy HTML editor that allow bloggers with limited or almost no skills to edit blogs or templates. You can also use it to view different source code.

Core FTP

In case you need to upload your files via FTP server, then Core FTP is probably the best you can use, plus it is free.


If you have lots of passwords and accounts you will most probably have problems remembering all of them. This tool will let you save all of your accounts/passwords online so you can access them anytime you need.


This is great image tool that is also free to download and use. It is really robust, so make sure to give it a try and it is also not complicated at all.


Accepting guest posts on your blog might be challenging, but it is also really important to make the difference between the unique content and the one that has already been published. This is one this tool will help you catch this type of content.


Probably the greatest way to boost the interactivity of your blog is via publishing polls. In such case Polldaddy is the right tool for you – it has everything you want and need.

Focus Booster

This desktop app will make you super productive. You can set a timer and start doing your job. Once the timer goes off an alarm will come and will let you know your time has finished. It is a great way to keep you motivated and focused.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture screenshots directly from the web and add annotations to them. You can also highlight, circle stuff, underline, cross out and many other things.


FocusWriter will help you focus on the…writing. This desktop app blocks everything else you have and helps you to motivate and do your job as quickly and effectively as possible.


If you post lots of tweets that you want to get posted on your blog as well, then this tool is the solution to all of your such-related problems.


The combination you can achieve between Flickr and Instagram is really great. Keep in mind that adding eye-catching pictures will definitely attract people’s attention and you will increase your traffic.


This tool will help you illustrate a point with the help of third party comments and content. It will also help you create an event by getting activity from the news stream.


Trello is really intuitive and will help you break down overarching accounts and projects into actionable smaller tasks.


This is a simple text editor combining artful interface and really great backgrounds. One thing is sure OmmWriter will encourage you to write even better.

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