5 Free WordPress Plugins to Build Email List

Webmasters love wordpress and seo companies because of the resources and tools available for them. There are literally hundreds of plugins and add-ons to equip the wordpress site, get new visitors, subscribers and take the business to the next level. Building an email opt-in list is very important for the webmasters these days, because it helps building trust and credibility. Once the site has earned credibility, it will rank in the search engines better than ever. Fortunately, you have number of free easy wordpress plugins build email for opt-in lists that can help you grow subscribers and some returning visitors to your site. Let’s discover a top 5 list of some best wordpress email plugins worth a try.

email list building plugins

5 free + easy to use wordpress plugins to build your email list: some of the best email marketing tools ever

The tools you will get to know here come free of cost; this is the best thing about using these plugins. Moreover, these tools are designed to be simple. Anyone can use these tools and start generating opt-in emails right away. Let’s explore what’s inside the list:

1. upPrev

You must have noticed the redirecting beautiful flyers in the corners of the page on websites like NYTimes and Mashable.com. Now, you can also get these for your site free! upPrev will help you prepare these snippets that help you engage the readers more. This way, you will also be able to get them sign up for your subscriber list. A group of loyal, returning readers will certainly help your business grow.

2. BWP Minify + W3 Total Cache

If you’re concerned about the loading time of your website, this tool can help you a lot. This plugin effectively reduces the loading time and works great for huge websites with tons of scripts on it. The user experience gets better and the subscriber list grows automatically. This will cache your content and minify the scripts. And the experts say, websites with better loading time rank better on the search engines in almost all instances.

3. Comment-Redirect Plugin

Almost every email marketers working with wordpress recommend this plugin. This one just works like a charm for the first time visitors to your website. You can’t expect a first timer to subscribe your email list on his/her first visit to your site. You have to build the trust and this plugin helps you do that. Whenever someone makes a comment on your post, the plugin redirects the commenter to a new page saying thank you and offering a chance to access some freebies/incentives. So it helps your site to grab attention from your visitors and help your subscribers’ list grow.

4. Aweber Comment Subscription Plugin

If you don’t allow comment spammers on your website, the list of commenters definitely contain the most loyal readers to your posts. And you can use the powerful Aweber tool to get these returning visitors and commenters into the subscriber list. May be they haven’t yet signed up for your emails or newsletters, this subscription plugin can help you get them into the growing list. This plugin works well if you are receiving lots of comments on certain posts so, you should use it wisely.

5. ViperBar

This plugin makes it very simple; it’s all about asking the reader’s email address directly. Some marketers find this not-so-suitable for a new website. But once your website has attained credibility and built trust, this is going to be the most powerful resource of getting new subscribers to your posts. The bar is simple, the interface says it all; if you’re confident about the contents you’ve published, this plugin does worth a try.

If you are not currently using any tool to boost up your subscriber list, you should get a plugin listed above and give that a try. If you are using a tool on your website already, tell us about that as well.