Getting More Twitter Followers in Really Simple Ways

Face it, Twitter is one of the most powerful source of marketing at the present time which can only mean one thing – if you do not have a Twitter account, then you better register for one now and if you do not have an established set of potential clients or followers, then you can only hope for business to pick up. Lucky for you, there are actually certain things you can do to remedy the situation and in fact, there are 3 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers. It involves a bit of hard work but then again every endeavor needs effort.

simple tips to get more twitter followers

1- Follow Twitter Accounts Relevant to Your Niche

One way to get more Twitter followers is to follow related Twitter accounts. This does not necessarily mean that you have to follow competing businesses. It simply means that you conduct a bit of researching. Watch out for related contents. Your goal is to determine what kind of people you would want to follow you. You can do this by following accounts related to your business and products. You can then look at their followers list. The lists of people that comes up are the people that you would like to follow you as well. Since you are only looking at related and not accounts with similar interest to yours, you are not pirating other business’ clients. In fact, you are helping those same people.

2- Post Relevant Content with Links

Another way is to post relevant content with links. Do this about 60-80% of the time. Why not a 100%, you may wonder. This is to prevent your followers from being bombarded with information which can leave them utterly frustrated and which will consequently make them unfollow you. In short, do not be greedy. You must also remember to make your tweets interesting. That way, your followers will be interested in what you actually have to say.

3- Tweet Later in the Day

Third is to tweet later in the day. Studies show that afternoons have the highest click through rates. This means that if you post later in the day, you can get more replies, retweets and followers. In sum, less effort and more productivity.

So there you have it. The three mentioned above are just some of the ways to get a higher number of followers. Of course, there is also that option to buy Twitter followers but there are many people that argue this method as being wrong or something like that. Nevertheless, when you really think about it, this method is actually pretty neat too.