Google Ad Unit for Responsive Websites Launched

Today Google released a new responsive adSense unit which is designed to run on different sites that have the ability to adapt to different screen sizes. Although the unit is still in beta, it has really good performance. After all, the responsive design is gaining more and more popularity and it is something that lots of people want for their website. Now with this new version of adSense the ads appearance will be seamlessly controlled so that the site looks even better.

 Google Ad Unit for Responsive Website 

This particular unit is using asynchronous ad code which gives the developers the chance to use the same kind of CSS media queries which were used while building the responsive sites before. This, according to Google, means that a person will be able to dynamically specify the size of the ad that you want to appear, while adapting it to fit in the way you need.

The only thing every developer has to do is to make sure that the size of the ad unit is specially specified in order to match the standard ad sizes determined by Google. So unlike the well-known standard ad units you will not be able to just take the code, copy/paste it into the site and expect it to work.

However, the only thing that doesn’t work for now, and since it is a beta version, is the fact that the screen orientation is not yet working if you resize the page. So once the page is loaded, in case of resize, the ad will not change dynamically. This will be fixed in the next version for sure. The company said that they plan to introduce lots of new features in the next versions.

Keep in mind that the CSS media queries are only working on modern browsers, so developers has to set a default size of the ad as well. Otherwise, if a person loads the page via IE 7 or lower version, he might never see the ad.