Google Cache Checker Tool

Uploading fresh web content is one of very effective ways of getting high Google rankings. But  how do we know if Google really had crawled a website or does Google really know if a particular website exist? The answer for these questions is Google Cache Checker Tool. Following are some of the advantages of using this tool.


What is Google Cache?

This is a snapshot of a web page stored by Google as a back-up. Each time Google spiders crawl a website a snapshot of each web page is stored as a back up. When a user makes a Google search, the cached version of the website is what Google uses to decide if it matches with the searched keywords. Each search result listing includes a link to the cached version of the website and if that link is clicked the user will be taken to the cached page instead of being taken to the live website. This is heavily advantageous when a website is down temporarily due to some technical failure. It assures a copy of each webpage when the live site is offline. Also when a website takes awfully long time to load some use the cached version to access the website.

The Advantages of Using the Google Cache Checker Tool

Tracing the previously cached dates of a website is an effective way of knowing how often your website is being cached by Google. When there is no cached version of a website, it is a clue that the website is not being screened by the Google crawlers. Then necessary action has to be immediately taken. Sometimes Google does not crawl a website because the site was penalized. When fresh content is updated on a specific website the Google cache checker is useful to identify if the new changes had been crawled by the search engine. Since then the website owners can monitor how the new website content had affected to the page ranking.

Google Text Only Cache Version

This the cache version mostly overlooked. But from an SEO point of view this is the most important cache version. Google crawls only the text on a website. So this text version helps to look at a website just the way Google sees it. You can see if the page elements are in correct order, how effectively the header tags have been used on the website, what kind of texts have been used to interpret the images and if all links are visible. Carefully monitoring the text only cache version of a website can massively help to optimise the website to get the maximum

How to Use the Google Cache Checker Tool?

Just type in the URL (the web address) of the relevant website in the text box of the tool and it will open up a new browser window with the cached copy of the relevant web page. On the same page you will see a link with the “text only” option.