Google Fighting against Apps Stealing Your Data

Google has made drastic changes in its policies aimed at developers for apps on Google Play. These changes are aimed at making downloading apps from Play safer for Android smartphone users. All developers have a small time till next month to make suitable changes or otherwise their apps will be deleted from the app store.

These changes will see a huge cleansing of sorts. Already, Google removes thousands of apps every month from Play. This may not be huge when one finds nearly 950000 apps in the store but the numbers do look impressive when it is told that the number of new apps admitted to Play every month is around 35000. One app for every two new app gets removed from Google Play. Experts from security firms say that there is a flaw in every fifth app in Google Play.

 google fighting against apps 

Google does not moderate apps heavily like Apple before admitting them in its app store. This is to encourage developers to make more apps for Android platform. But this is also an invitation to attackers. To prevent the problem of viruses and malware, Google made use of Bouncer, the scanner that checks apps for viruses before allowing them entry into Google Play. However, this scanner is not able to look at copyright violations as well content that is undesirable. This includes sexually explicit material, gambling content, and hate speeches. As more and more apps are being made for Play, Google tightens its noose around the developers. If apps went live within minutes earlier, it takes several hours to become live.