Google Maps for Android Released

One thing is sure – applications that tell directions have made our lives a lot easier. Can you remember when the last time when you used an atlas or a map was? As technology advances, there are some things, like atlas and maps, that are experiencing creative destruction. The same happened with records when CDs were developed and when DVDs replaced the old VCRs.

Google Maps for Android

A couple of days ago Google released Google Maps for Android tablets and phones. Soon the application will also be available on iOS. There are many new features that are easily noticeable such as;

• Enhanced navigation – it allows the user to see specific details on the roads and it will also alert you in case a better route is being found – definitely really time-saving and powerful.

• Explore – the feature has several areas; eat, sleep, shop, play, drink

• Reviews, Offers and Zagat – Finally Zagat is integrated into the search results. The application will display only 5 star rating. It will also have the ability to claim different offers that you want.

The following features will be removed by August 9th, 2013:

Here is a list of some features that will be removed by August 9

• My Maps

• Latitude

• Check-ins

Many people were actually using those applications, but we are more than sure that they will be replaced with better ones. You will also be able to share your location on the map by making one simple tap.

For Details read the blog below:

Google Maps for Smartphones and Tablets