Google New Search Filter for Social Marketing SEO

The advent of social search is definitely coming, at least this is what most of the industry insiders are saying. The real question here is – what would Google’s respond be, having in mind there are lots of popular social networks such as Facebook, offering their users a chance to find off- and on-site technologies. Don’t worry – Google has its answer!

Google New Search Filter for Social Marketing SEO

Recently the United States Patent and Trademark office approved the latest patent of Google regarding a new social media content filter search results. The document states an interface for sifting through different results depending on the social presence of a person. Moreover, this option would show different search results depending on the amount of previously searched data and content.

However, Google might experience several problems with bridging social and search – the reason for this is because their own social network – Google Plus, is not considered to be really popular. According to one of the latest researches, more than 19% of the companies with Google Plus accounts haven’t yet activated their profiles. The data shows that Google is the only network that has lots of different company accounts who hasn’t been activated yet, which speaks for itself.

The closest rival to Google – Bing, has been working tirelessly in the last couple of years trying to beat the competition. The search engine, which is owned by Microsoft has a unique sidebar that showcases Facebook content while a user is performing a search. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Google’s search engine is losing its popularity. On the other hand – probably the best tool for both search and social marketing would be the engagement of those two.

  • Hi Shah. Very interesting information regarding Google’s next adventure. Do you think this kind of search will get better results or that the results will be what people really are looking for? Thanks for sharing.