Google Panda Update: 10 Tips to Survive

The infamous Google Panda Update has already sown illustrious victims is between sites / blogs foreigners than among Italians. For those who are a beginner in the world of the internet I’m just saying Google Panda algorithm is a recent update of the Google search engine that allows you to view in order of importance are the results of a search.

Whatever algorithm is not perfect and even Google Panda did flop in some cases. Many of remarkable quality blog were penalized this update even if they have always offered high-quality content.


Not to succumb to Google Panda you can follow some steps (quite empirical) To minimize the probability of incurring a heavy penalty of the positioning of the site / blog and see so dramatically reducing the number of visitors and also (if any) gains from the visitors.

Here you go 10 tips to survive the Google Panda update.

1) Know your site. In particular, we must know the outbound links from the website or blog. Analyze if you link to sites that do not exhibit good quality content copied. If this were true, update, or delete links to sites of better quality.

2) Improve internal links. After analyzing the links pointing to external content, do not forget to also take care of the links pointing to pages on our site. The most important thing is that the connections are obtained by using relevant keywords.

3) Google uses more services. Google obviously favors content from its own services. For this reason, make sure to use Blogspot, YouTube and Google +. Please note that the sites most awarded after the Google update Panda were and

4) Gains in authenticity. If the pagerank Your site is very low, try to get backlinks from sites or blogs with high pagerank so as to also increase your own.

5) Avoid putting too much advertising. Too many advertisements may disturb readers and worsen the experience of your site navigation. Better put a little ‘less than banner ads or otherwise put them in positions where it do not bother reading.

6) Focus on your niche. This advice is given by all those who understand blogging, but I do not think that is so pervasive as people think. This would follow an argument monothematic and not to deviate from it ever. The success of this very blog is the living image of that necessarily follow a very specific niche is not so strict a rule.

7) Do not copy. Copying content from other sites or blogs can lead to heavy penalties in the positioning in any search engine. If you know someone who has copied and still has not been penalized, not fear, its collapse is imminent …
8) Make your site attractive. The more a site is interesting and fun, able to attract more visitors. The interest of a site varies greatly depending on the particular subject. If you type in photography or art, it is better than cure appearance. If you write about science is better than a more sober, but very clear and orderly.

9) Update often your site or blog. This is definitely one of the most important things. The more the site is updated with new content, interesting and quality, the more it keeps alive the interest of visitors. The algorithms of search engines classify it also as a frequently updated site keeping at the forefront in the search results.

10) Hire an expert SEO. If the site is very big and there is the possibility of investing money to make it grow, then it should have a person who is concerned with the SEO to allow the site to compete or work out “afloat“Among the fierce competition from other sites on the Internet.