Google Zebra is Coming; How to Prepare?

As an online merchant or business owner, Google updates can significantly influence the ability of your website to attract traffic. This can have a positive or negative impact on sales. The Google Zebra update is almost here. Matt Cutts announced that Google Zebra is coming soon and revealed that Google introduced it in its efforts to remove the rankings of low quality websites from search result pages. It is essential for online merchants and webmasters to implement certain measures to protect their websites from being penalized by this update. So you must know and understand what to do to avoid Google Zebra penalty.

google zebra

Google seeks to create a system of unintentional search engine results that are based on high quality, relevant websites which offer value to their given market. This will abolish the thought of rankings that are focused on keywords. Most web users support this idea because of the high amount of spam available on the web. The following are the steps you can take to ensure that your website does not get penalized by this upcoming update.

Become a Google Trusted Store

Becoming a Google trusted shopping store will protect your site from getting penalized by the Google Zebra algorithm update and future updates. This program can also help you reach more customers and increase sales because it increases the confidence that customers have about your site.  Check out adding google trusted store badge in detail.

Have Concise and Clear Company Policies

Google Zebra will look out for your company policies, towards customers and internally. Ensure that all the information you have, which is relevant to consumers and the law is easily accessible. This includes your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Shipping and Return policies among others.

Recognize and Use Your Content

It is essential to fill your blog with relevant articles but you also need to focus on the products you sell and their descriptions. Ensure that the details on every product that Google indexes are robust and provide your customers with the opportunity to write and share reviews of these products. If you have numerous URLs, make sure that the introductory paragraphs on your product pages differ. This will help you avoid getting penalized for duplicate content. You need to write catchy content with authentic information.

Prioritize on Design and Accessibility

Your website should comply with recently introduced Americans with Disabilities Act laws. If your website does not comply with ADA laws that took effect in 2012, you could end up losing a lot of money. Your website should also be responsive so that users can be able to view it on any device.

Have a Comparison Engine

Make sure that you have such an engine because Google Zebra will check for it. A comparison engine will give your viewers the opportunity to compare other products to those on your site while still on your website. This will affect your conversions positively and increase your chances of generating good reviews. Here are given 10 best shopping engines to choose from!

Add Product Videos to Your Site

Having product videos is a great way to increase conversions. It is wise to create a YouTube page that has close captioned videos of the products you sell.

Pay Attention to Page Load and Speed Times

Slow load times can cost you lots of money due to a reduction in conversions. A large percentage of consumers expect ecommerce websites to load in two seconds or less. Some consumers choose to abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. You therefore need to prioritize on having faster load times on your websites.