Google’s Matt Cutts Details Auto-Generated Content Stance

Google has recently posted a new webmaster assistance video where engineer Matt Cutts explains Google’s intention to penalize sites that include auto-generated content. Recently, webmasters have questioned whether manual responses from Google would place penalties on sites using such content, and Cutts clearly explained Google’s intentions to lower the rankings of sites using auto-generated content or to completely remove them from Google search engine results.

Auto-Generated Content

Websites with auto-generated content have been in use for many years, and such sites were typically created in the past to get web surfers to click on AdSense links. Sites filled with auto-generated content for this purpose have even been given their own name- MFA sites (Made for AdSense)- and Google and other search engines have constantly been working to combat against these sites that lead Internet users astray.

Google’s Webmaster Tools resource defines automatically generated content as any Internet content that is created programmatically with a computer. Auto-generated text typically does not make any sense but contains keywords of interest. Furthermore, auto-generated content can consist of text from machine-translation services text that has not been edited by a person or text created with obfuscation techniques or from Atom/RSS feeds.

In this recent video, Cutts explained that Google looks bad when users come out on a zero value webpage after a Google query. In an effort to ensure positive user experiences, Google will endeavor to penalize websites that attempt to manipulate results and cause bad user experiences that cause search engine users to waste time and become lost in a maze of useless web pages filled with irrelevant or nonsensical content.

According to Cutts, Google has rules set out regarding auto-generated pages that are useless to those who rely on the accuracy of Google searches to get them where they want to go on the World Wide Web. Cutts further states that webmasters should also be wary of Google indexing and avoid auto-generated snippets from being indexed in most cases.

The bottom line is that webmasters are not likely to benefit in the long run from utilizing auto-generated text. Google is likely to pick up on such tactics and penalize sites that clearly will not be of use to search engine users, and when Google penalizes a site, site owners can be so devastated financially that they might need to resort to services such as the website here payday loans online. Google further encourages online users to report as spam sites that contain auto-generated content. Even if Google’s algorithm does not pick up on auto-generation of text, it is likely that before long an Internet user will make note of the use of the tactic and notify Google.