Halalgoogling; Muslim Search Engine with no Anti-Islamic Content

Halalgoogling is the world first Muslim search engine launched with filtering system for ‘Haram’ content. IT experts in Pakistan have taken their own way to bypass google and to put an end to the controversies and clashes caused by anti-Islamic content in the past.

This search engine will take results from Google and Bing but will not allow certain types of content to make to a perfect online place for Muslim all around the world.


The filtering system of Halalgoogling has 4 parts names as general category, forbidden sites, link filtering and haram keywords which will not allow porn, gambling, bisexual, lesbian, gay or any other kind of anti-Islamic content to pass through.

Though a lot of things are there to be done to make it the best search engine but still it is a great effort to keep such things away in such an organized way.