Help! Google has Penalized My Website; Effective Remedy for Penalized Sites

Imagine a scenario wherein you are in the usual process of checking your website’s ranking and suddenly you find your site to be listed nowhere. Aghast! This probably means your website has been penalized. Google might have warned you against your SEO malpractices beforehand, but all unnoticed. Google Sandbox, thereupon, prevents your website from being listed on Google or any of its partner sites. This penalty can be imposed on any website at any instance of time, if in any way it has violated the terms and conditions set by Google. Since your online business depends on your website, it is important to get back into Google SERP as soon as possible. In order to do so, it is important to evaluate the reasons for which your site was penalized and then take the possible measures to get the penalty lifted.

Remedy for Penalized Sites

Why Did Google Penalize My Site?

It is very essential to determine the causes for which your website has been penalized. Here are some common reasons due which Google sandbox’s your website:

1. If your website is relying on black-hat SEO techniques

2. If your website is hosted on spam, scam or fraud domains.

3. If the domain registration of your website is short-term.

4. You website will get low rankings if the domain registration of your website is short-term because Google doesn’t trust such websites.

5. Overusing keywords or incorporating inappropriate keywords also lead to penalization.

6. Duplicating or reusing same content in your blog, even in separate categories, can lead to sandboxing of your website.

7. If you buy or sell links to improve the ranking of your website, Google may look down upon you and your site may be banned.

8. If your website contains doorway or automated pages, it might be penalized. Automated pages offer path to other web pages, which can confuse the search engine.

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9. If you have linked to a website with zero page rank or a page rank lower than yours, then you might be penalized. Google doesn’t trust such websites.

10. If your website does not comply with the guidelines of Google, it might be banned from Google as well as other search engines.

11. Using link building campaigns on your website can also lead to penalization.

12. Hidden content or links can also get your website slammed with penalty.

How to Get My Site Back on Google?

Once you have recognized the reasons for penalization, getting your site back on SERP should be your foremost priority. Here are a few things that you shall avoid in order to prevent penalization of your website:

Google Penalty Solutions

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are a pivotal element, when it comes to promoting your website. Thus, including keywords in your Meta tag is essential. It is stuffing that can turn the table against you. So, avoid adding unnecessary keywords to your site. Also, try and limit the use of h1 tags. They do favor the SEO process but as mentioned before, excess of everything is bad.

2. Excess On-site Optimization

Once all the pages on your website have been duly optimized, it is time for you to halt your SEO efforts. Experts advice that excessive on- page optimization harms your website rather than benefiting it. It degrades the overall user-experience and also showcases your website as a defaulter to Google. This can lead to severe penalty.

3. Content Manipulation

Content on your website significantly determines the ranking of your website on search engines. If your website has some duplicate content, it will be filtered from Google SERP. Thus, ensure that you display only original and quality content on your website. Regularly update your site with fresh content. It ensures that your website enjoys highest level of visibility on the SERP. All major search engines have a clear criterion- only high quality original content will be listed amongst the top 10 rankings.

4. Link Manipulation

Getting links to improve the ranking of your website is essential but getting spam links can be dangerous. Low quality back links coming into your website, can lead to penalization of your website. Thus, every time you buy links make sure they are listed as sponsor links and belong to quality websites.

Any website can be penalized at any moment of time. If you want to save your website from Google penalization, ensure you follow the above mentioned best practices. These tips could become an effective remedy for penalized sites if followed properly.

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