How Much Does Google Know about You?

For many people, their internet experience starts with Google. Whether they’re looking for a service, product, a favorite song or research for a project, Google is an integral part in the process. What goes even deeper is the fact that most people also use gmail, google drive, youtube and google maps. All of these are Google services.

What you may not know about all these wonderful services provided by Google, is that they’re sharing your search data. In this infographic by internet provider Dell Gines, it shows how many of the searches you view are not as private as you may think. Clearing your cookies is not the way to solve the issue because Google still has the record of your history.

At anytime, the government or authorities can ask for that information from Google and it will be given to them. This is due to the 1986 electronic communications privacy act, which allows government and law enforcement to obtain data from internet companies without a warrant. Not only is Google required to give this information, government and law enforcement are asking for this information more and more. Since January 2011, there have been almost 40 thousand requests from government and law enforcement for this private data.

In the future, there may be more preventative measure to keep your data and search history private. Today however, there is not and if you’re searching on Google, your search history can be shared at any time with authorities. If you’re searching for something you don’t want people to know about, there’s a very good chance it could be exposed so be careful.

How Much Does Google Know About You

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