How Natural Backlinks Are Becoming Important In SEO In 2013?

When we are talking of natural backlinks, SEO is something which is not oblivious to this issue. SEO or search engine optimization is nothing but ensuring that your website gets the maximum visibility in a search engine’s natural or organic search results. When you search for a website, the faster you get the results, the better it indicates the visibility of the website. SEO is generally targeted for news search, industry specific searches, local search, image search, academic and video search. To make an SEO work it is important to know what people look and search for, how these search engines work, the keywords typed into the engines, and which search engines are popular among their target audiences.

Natural Backlinks in seo 2013

The What’s and Why’s of Natural Backlinks

Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inlinks or inbound links. In layman’s terms, a backlink is any link which is received by a web page, web directory or website, from another web node. Prior to the advent of search engines, the backlinks were important as being part of the primary web navigation, today; however the SEO optimizes the use of these inbound links. Outside the purview of the SEOs, the backlinks show who is paying attention to that web page. First we have to identify the natural backlinks, and then we can try to understand how the natural backlinks are gaining popularity. Natural backlinks are the ones which are made by you, and not by a third party. These are not placed by force or request.

Reasons for their Popularity

Backlinks from guests or visitors are not natural, though they might create the illusion. Natural backlinks are becoming important for SEOs in 2013 because, firstly, you are spared of the time you need to spend on building backlinks. Secondly, these natural backlinks can improve the rankings of search engines without going against Google’s terms. Thirdly, you can get free backlinks too that pass link juice. Fourthly, these natural backlinks ensure that your website gets more hits or traffic than others, thus ensuring more visibility. Lastly, these natural backlinks mean less worry with concern to Google penguin.

The Barter Exchange for Natural Links

When it comes to natural backlinks, we have to understand that they have the power to sustain the SEO world. For the SEO world to survive, we have to depend heavily on natural backlinks. If you get access to backlinks from well reputed websites, they can serve to be a boost for the search engine rankings, but you have to make sure that you do not end up using the same anchor text for each and every link. Guest posting is also a viable option as you can write an article for another website in exchange for in text links to your website. The guest posting method of earning links to your website will be successful in case you are targeting reputed websites with their own natural backlink profile. The natural backlinks will ensure that your website has widespread reach and recognition, which is a priority in the world of SEO.