How to Build a Free Website within an Hour?

Websites are essential elements for every business no matter how big or small. Some find websites as a medium for revenue generation while some use websites for educating audiences about their services. Online presence is necessary for any business to succeed. Before building a website one needs to have clear understanding of how the website will be designed and how it will cater the requirements of consumers. Basically the most common option will be to hire a web development agency to develop the website on the behalf of the business owner. However if you want to know how to build a free website, there is another commonly preferred solution which is to build websites by using website builder tools like Weebly.

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Why Use Website Builders?

One of the major advantages of using a website builder tool is that there is lot of room for personalization. One doesn’t have to go through the trouble of explaining an agency on how he wants the website to be. Another advantage is the flexibility offered by these tools. One can build a website at their convenient timings and can make necessary changes every now and then without any assistance from an agency. Website builder tools are now hugely popular because of all these factors. An efficient website can be developed in a matter of hours using such website builder tools.

Weebly; Great Website Builder  Today

Weebly is a widely popular website builder tool which offers a range of features and add-ons. The interface of the website builder is quite clean and easy to comprehend. It hosts a series of menus across the top for providing users with easy access to its key features. Users can add text, images or forms by simple drag and drop actions. According to WBW Weebly review, it offers 100+ exciting templates to choose from and you will be able to find a template that suits your requirements from this collection. The number of templates offered by Weebly is comparatively lower than what is offered by its main rival Wix however the templates offered by the former are really appealing and sufficient. Wix limits the disk space to 500 Mb whereas Weebly does not impose any such limitations. Wix also does not allow parking a domain with in the free package of service. Weebly on the other hand allows users to park a domain within the package.

Round the Clock Support

Support for blogs is another feature which makes Weebly stand out from the crowd. Wix does not offer support for blogs. Weebly also has support for forums in the form of widgets. This feature is absent in Wix website builder tool. The bandwidth usage in Wix is restricted to 500 Mb whereas Weebly offers unlimited bandwidth space. This feature will be particularly attractive for those consumers who are expecting a large amount of traffic and have a range of content to offer which consumes considerable bandwidth. Weebly allows users to create e-shops free of cost. Wix website builder allows creation of e-shops at a cost of $16.17 per month. This can be counted as another benefit of Weebly. Another advantage of Weebly is that it does not crowd the templates with advertisements like Wix website builder tool. Support service is also offered for free by Weebly. Considering all these factors, Weebly comes across as a much more convenient tool for the development of websites.