How To Edit Your Video Blogs?

Video marketing has become a new medium for many industries, but lawyers especially can enjoy the advantage it gives them when promoting their services to potential clients. For starters, videos can be much more personable, allowing attorneys to connect with their clients on a virtual face-to-face level. Furthermore, a video allows for simpler communication, making it easier for viewers to understand the topics better than they might from a written blog post.

edit your video blogs

However, filming your video blog in an attractive location isn’t going to be enough for your marketing campaign to succeed. In fact, editing should be a crucial part of producing video blogs. Without the proper video editing, you could end up with a lot of fluff, awkward shots, rambling sentences, and a missed opportunity to associate the video with your law firm’s brand. Check out these tips to help you put the finishing touches on your video blogs.

Have An Intro

Don’t just jump right into the video of a lawyer talking. Have an introduction that sets viewers up for the content they’re about to experience. You can use this opportunity to put in your law firm’s name and logo, website URL, a title for the video, and any other pertinent information you’d like to get across.

Think of how videos are going to capture your audience’s attention right from the beginning. If your video takes a few minutes to get going, you’ll probably lose a good portion of viewers before you even get to the good part. Create an eye-catching intro that has viewers on the edge of their seats as soon as they press play.

Use Title Cards

If you have several different sections to your video, consider using title cards to break up the content into “chapters.” You can introduce each section with a title card that states what you’re about to talk about. If people have to leave your video and come back later, this will help them remember exactly where they left off. It also makes it easier for someone to view a video with chapters, as it helps break down information into digestible pieces.

Emphasize Important Points

Think of each video blog post as a presentation. After all, you’re blogging for the purpose of marketing your law firm and its services. You are essentially presenting to potential clients. Just like in PowerPoint presentations, you can outline the most important points of your video with a little video editing magic.

Use a video editing program to create on-screen bullet points that highlight the arguments as you talk about them. This visual representation of the information will make it easier for viewers to understand and remember the concepts you’re talking about. Be sure to use a clear, clean font like Arial or Times New Roman in a larger font so it’s easy to read, even on a computer screen or tablet. Also, check what color you’re using to make the font display. The traditional black text might not work depending on the color and darkness of the background you’ve chosen. Take a look to make sure there’s enough contrast so your viewers won’t have to strain their eyes to read what you’ve written.

Cut Out The Awkward Parts

No matter how many times you practice your script or how many takes you do, you’re bound to end up a few awkward pauses, one too many “uh’s,” “um’s,” or other hesitation fillers. Leaving these mistakes in can make your video unnecessarily long and quickly force your viewers into boredom and even frustration.

If you’ve filmed several takes, choose the best parts from each take and edit them together. This might require you to learn the more complicated parts of video editing or you can hire a professional editor to assist you. However you edit your video blogs, your viewers will thank you.

Roll Credits

The end of each video blog is your opportunity to thank everyone who assisted in filming and producing the video, as well as another chance to promote your law firm. After you roll the credits, insert your firm’s name, logo, website, phone number, location, and maybe even a quick list of services.

When you’re rolling the credits, keep viewers watching by incorporating some catchy (but appropriate) music. Otherwise, your credits will be too boring to watch and might never get seen. This means that perfect branding opportunity that comes after someone has just watched a five-minute lecture by you is lost. Keep their attention and win their business by rolling credits, listing your company information, and playing some music along with it.

Lawyers have a special advantage when it comes to using video blogs. They can communicate complicated concepts and get past all the legalese with a video that is much more relaxed and comfortable than a formal blog post. However, the best script and the perfect location won’t get your videos very far if you leave video editing completely off the table. It’s time to dive into iMovie, Final Cut, or any other video editing program to turn your video blogs into the best they can be.