How To Find Longtail Keywords?

You should avoid words that are very specific. As earlier stated, a more specific search ensures that competition for the search word is reduced. Less competition on a certain search word implies that it will be simple for the word to rank highly in the search engines. For instance, if you just place the name writer, you are bound to get more than 10 million hits or search results, but if you add the words freelance academic writer you are bound to get less results that are more targeted. Similarly, if you add the words freelance academic writer New York, you are bound to get even more targeted results from the search. See how to find longtail keywords:

How To Find Longtail Keywords
However, there is a catch here because if the search is very specific, then fewer individuals will actually search for the word. In other words this implies that as competition decreases, the popularity of the search word also decreases. Nevertheless, a good idea would be to use words that are specific for your business and avoid words that are too specific because nobody will search for terms that are too specific.