How to Improve Google Ranking? Quick Tips

If you are planning to get more business through your website, you need to use certain search engines or SEO strategies to get high Google page ranking. To improve Google ranking all you need to do is to pull traffic to your website. Unfortunately many don’t have time and also ideas to get high traffic; therefore they choose to pay to other companies for help.

Paying For Google Rank Can Be Costly

If you want to know how to improve Google ranking, by paying, then let me tell you, it is very costly, and you wouldn’t want to do so, unless you are rolling in money. Here are some great ways you can improve Google ranking and generate traffic to your web page.

Google uses various methods to determine which website should take the first page. Their exact process of determination is unknown but there are few things which can help you in shifting your position by using Search engine Optimization. No matter what you create make sure you visit it, or else you will end with low traffic.

Your Website Needs A Push!

Focus on Keywords

  • Focusing on single word might not be helpful Try adding few more keywords.
  • Effective goggle searches can guide you in understanding how keyword helps in search.
  • You can ask for suggestion from your friend after reading your website page and later suggesting keyword. Do not overdo it.
  • Try on sticking to one subject on each page with one keyword. Write original content, Clear writing and easy to understand content helps in search.
  • Do not use robotic writing to get traffic. Google avoids robotic content and it can result in banning your site.

Density of Keywords

Google also looks for the density of the keyword usage. How many times the keyword has been used in the content is also very important in Google page ranking. Use a natural phrase. Tricks of repeating same keyword over and over again will not make it work. In fact sometime google ban the website or you may end up in low page ranking. Getting your website or page view anyhow is not a good tactic and does not work in the long run. For important content it is advisable to use text and not images.

Original Content

Write a strong introduction about your page with keywords. This can help search engines to locate your page. Give a descriptive name with a fancy title. Google displays result with web page title links. An untitled link does not attract readers and therefore no one would click on it. Also adding page keyword in the title can be enticing. All content should have text link and graphics.

Use Links

Back link is very much important if you want to increase page rank. Back links are also known as other people linking to your website. Look for relevant links and not link farm. When you create a page on your website, you can also create some of your own back links within your web pages. The number of links you create gets counted so do not overdo it.

  • Google focus on quantity and quality of links that is connected with your page.
  • Inbound and back links are part which helps in determining Google page rank. You can generate page rank by linking your webpage.
  • Offer your reader with a map of your site but avoid using too many links. Make it easy.

Avoid Spam, Crazy Links

  • Ignore websites and spams that offer for submitting your website to hundred other search engines. They just waste of time and can hurt your page ranking.
  • Generally Google looks at the word and help in determining the page of content.
  • You can also improve your Google page rank by exchanging text links from irrelevant websites. But do not go crazy with link. Banner exchange is not effective and when they charge you, it’s a spam.

Social Networking Sites

Social sites can be a good way in promoting your sites. But it doesn’t help much in Google page ranking organized sites and pages tend to rank high. Keeping good designs can also be helpful. Add images attributes, this helps a website to be easily accessible to visually impaired .It also adds another chance.

social media sites

Pull Your Website’s Statistics

Everything you do on your website will influence Google page ranking in the search engine. It can be good or bad. This is what most internet marketers fail to realize.