How to Include Link Building into SEO Campaigns Effectively?

The introduction of Penguin 2.0 from Google has come with a claim that it will go deeper than the 2012 version of Penguin. It’s really unfortunate for the sites which are having lots of manipulative links in. Most of these sites were still finding ways to tackle with the 2012 Penguin while the newer version came up to add to their problems. Penguin is a more prominent threat to small entrepreneurs who depended only on search engine optimization for income.
How to Include Link Building into SEO Campaigns Effectively?

Understanding Penguin, Panda and Manual Actions

Google’s Panda is a way different entity than Penguin. Panda is there to take care of the content posted on sites. It tries to see that there is no duplicate, spun or thin content on sites. Matt Cutts, the famous engineer of Google, said that Google is going to restrict the Panda due to non deliverance of desired results. Actually it is creating more problems than it was actually solving. It’s really a good news for those sites that use the same content again and again. Such sites were very badly hit by the Panda filter.

The Penguin is a complex algorithm which is way more difficult than Panda to understand. It focuses on anchor text, backlink patterns and manipulative linking tactics. This year Google is not relying only on algorithms, but it’s going to take some manual actions also to take care of the things more efficiently. You must be remembering what happened in 2012, the giant search engine removed the BuildMyRank option from the index just before the introduction of the Penguin. At the beginning of this year, we all witnessed how strongly Google dealt with the advertorials with the help of manual actions. Moreover, a few weeks earlier the search engine removed several of link selling sites.

Role of SEO

All the small businesses and organizations are very afraid of the 2013 update of the Penguin but it’s not really a much more complicated algorithm than the former one. The search engine is still wanting the same things from site owners.

* Make good websites

* Post meaningful content that is really valuable to the users.

* Give more reasons to the visitors to visit your site.

And as we all know, visitors don’t come to a site just like that. You need to employ several promotional tricks to make a site attractive to users. Many a sites have become invisible due to want of promotion. That’s the reason SEO has become the most effective tool among all the marketing channels.

SEO as A Part of Online Marketing

Though it’s been explained a thousand times before but online marketers are not heeding it at all, they take just link building in to account when talked about SEO strategies. They should understand that SEO in 2013 hasn’t remained a separate activity any longer; it has become an integral part of online marketing. That era has long gone when SEO was just for tuning a site to make noticeable to spiders, today SEO is for a lot of other things as well like fostering online reputation, enhancing social presence and getting excellent backlinks through useful content.

What Should Be SEO Strategies for 2013?

Now, let’s discuss the areas which need to be focused for tackling the latest version of the Penguin.

Determine Audience Demand Constantly

Fulfilling the expectations of the end users should be the main aim of any online marketing campaign and that’s possible only when you are well aware of the audience demand. And the most noticeable thing to notice is that the demands of the audience keep on changing continuously. So you must work constantly to figure out the latest expectations of the audience so that you may manage to bring good results out of your SEO campaigns.

Pay Attention to Content Marketing

Content marketing may be seen as new link building strategy. In fact content management may cater to all the internet marketing needs like creating online reputation, increasing social presence and creating backlinks. All you need to do to attract the audience is to provide useful content. Make sure that the content you are offering is not duplicative at all and provides unique information.

Take Care of Brand Establishment and Promotion

– It’s a proven fact that Google keeps branded things in high regard. So it’s better to establish a strong recognition of your brand. Brand establishments have always been an effective way to enhance the results of traditional marketing but now they are being viewed as a beneficial thing for SEO operations also.


– We all know that today when there are over five million domains are active, it’s not possible for users to reach your content without making any efforts from your side. Even the finest of the content needs to be promoted through appropriate promotional techniques. You must pay attention to all the activities like social media, email marketing, engagements in forums, guest blog postings etc. that takes your business or brand to the internet users.