How to Increase DA and PR of A Website without Breaking a Sweat?

When I first started to guest-blog, somebody told me that I should look for sites which have at least 30 Domain Authority and Page Rank 2. At the time I wasn’t very interested to understand why, but I became interested soon after I opened my own blog. All of a sudden, D.A. and P.R. became important, so I wanted to find out more about them, actually I wanted to learn more about how you can increase them. Not being a SEO expert, meant the necessity to dig deep in order to understand the inner workings of the World Wide Web. I soon learned that web design is only one of the many determining factors when it comes to blog success. So how exactly can you increase DA and PR of a website actually? Here are a few easy tricks that will help you get started. Why are they easy? Because these strategies work together with the strategies used to optimize your website for search engines, so it is a win-win situation.

How to Increase Your Blog’s Page Rank?

Page Rank is directly related to authority that your site has on the Internet, and the higher it is, the better you will look in the eyes of crawlers. P.R. is basically Google’s measurement of how authoritative your site is, and how credible it looks to humans. It is determined by the overall number of inbound links that come to a particular site. Here are a few tricks that will help you increase your page rank in no time.

Guest Blog!

Guest blogging is without a doubt the most effective way of creating high-quality back-links for yours site. It may seem like a slow process, but it is the best way to acquire long-lasting and good links. Furthermore, guest-posting can be fun, considering that you are sharing your knowledge with the world, and attracting like-minded people to your website.

Comment on Blogs!

If you want to acquire links through blog commenting you have to leave pertinent remarks, and also add a link to your site. Spammy comments which make no sense will do you no good. Nor will comments left on sites that are not relevant to your niche. Look for articles that are closely related to your niche, and share your expertise. This way you will be perceived as an expert, reach out to the community and also increase your P.R. on the long run.

Interlink the Articles on Your Blog!

Luckily, this method is within your reach, because it rests solely on your shoulders to leverage it to increase page rank. In case you didn’t know, page rank is distributed between pages with the help of inter-linking. At least 3-5 internal links will work wonders for your page rank.

Other Methods!

You can grow your P.R. through other methods as well. For example, if your domain is old (this refers to both future and past), it will receive extra points for P.R. In addition, the loading speed of your site, a clean structure and coherent coding will also boost P.R.

How to Increase Your Blog’s Domain Authority?

Domain authority is another important parameter which will determine how your site is ranking on search engines. D.A. is an aggregate of many parameters like MozTrust or MozeRank and it is meant to measure the competitiveness of a site. It is not enough to have your pages link to your home page in order to increase D.A., you should also consider linking various pages to one another. Here are two fail-proof methods of increasing domain authority.

Create Backlinks!

I explained earlier that back-links are important for SEO. If you want your page to look trustworthy you have to invest in internal links, as well as links that come from other pages. In order to be successful you will have to use different types of keyword anchors, apply links to your content (which redirect to relevant content), and Guest Post.

Create High-Quality Content!

Domain Authority is directly related to the quality of content that you post. Every blogger or website owner knows that good articles mean more followers and better SEO. Most sites which have low domain authority also have low-quality content, so we can safely say that the two are related. By creating high-quality posts you will also enable you to insert links in your articles naturally.

What strategies do you use to increase your page rank and domain authority? Please share your knowledge!

  • Manual linking is very important factor and to be considered by every blogger who posts more often. He needs to spend sometime in each week to update interlinking of his website/Blog.

  • Guest posts are really great and they not only give the link juice also it drives traffic too. I have been searching for good blogs to Guest blog. Do you allow guest blogging?If you do permit can I opt-in?