How To Make Your Video Go Viral?

Having a video or two that goes viral is a marketer’s dream. The recognition your company can receive from such a video is astounding. You’ll get your message across to millions of people in a short amount of time. You can’t get any better advertising than that.

Videos are appealing to many consumers and they’ll watch a video to learn about your brand faster than they would read about it. However, not just any old video will do. It must have certain qualities in order to capture the viewer’s attention and keep it.

make your video go viral

One thing that many viewers look at is the number of views a video has. When the number is high, they will be more likely to watch it to see what others found interesting. For this reason, you can buy YouTube views UK to help jumpstart your video and create interest but you still need to keep the viewer’s attention once they begin watching. Here are some great ideas to make your video to go viral.

Know Your Audience

As with any marketing strategy, you need to know your audience so you can create a video specifically for them. You need to know who you’re creating it for and what they find interesting before you can make something they would want to watch.

Choose Your Content Wisely

You want your video to stand out so you need it to be on a subject that will attract viewers. Are there any specific questions or concerns being discussed on social media sites or on your website concerning your field of expertise? If so, use your video to address these issues and you’re sure to get results.

Make It Original and Interesting

Look for an original and interesting way to make your point. If you’re just talking about your products or services, the viewer may get bored before listening to the whole thing. You can use animation, show a sense of humor or simply be yourself and just have fun making the video. If you’re having a good time, your audience will too.

Capture Their Attention Right Away

You have to capture the attention of the viewer right away or risk losing it completely. People get bored very quickly. If you don’t give them something right away, within the first few seconds to make them want more, they’ll click out and look for something else.

Explain How You Can Help or Benefit the Viewer

Consumers who watch marketing videos are looking for answers. They want products or services that can help them in some way. Perhaps they need something to help them solve a problem or they may be searching for something that will improve their quality of life. Start your video by posing a problem or situation and then explain how your products or services is the answer they’ve been searching for.

Get to The Point

One of the most important things to remember when creating a marketing video is to get to the point. People are always in a hurry with a million things to do, so they don’t have time to watch a long drawn video that takes forever to make a point.

Market Your Video

Market your video using every means available to you. For example, announce it on your social media platforms, your website and mention it in your blogs. Before consumers can view it, they have to know it exists along with where and when they can find it.

Creating a video is easier than ever before with so many different tools available. However, If you’re having trouble creating your marketing video, you can contact a video production company to help. They can give you ideas on how to create a short, interesting video while still being thorough, so it will gain lots of attention.

Using a video to draw attention to your company and its products is a great marketing strategy. Videos can help to reinforce your image, your brand and the message you’re trying to send. They can increase sales and draw in life-long customers who share their interest in your company with others, especially when that video goes viral.

Has your company created a marketing video in the past? How well did it do? Have you discovered new ways to improve your next video to make it go viral?

Ann Matthews is a social media marketer, content marketing specialist and lover of all things social.