How to Manage PPC Campaigns in 10 Minutes?

All of us experience some very busy days at office sometime or the other. It can be the annual meeting, the first day after a long vacation or the presentation you need to submit next day. On such occasions, you have so many things to do that your regular job takes a backseat. Pay per click consultants remain engrossed with their work every single day and they are trained to handle stress but what if a pay per click consultant has only 10 minutes to manage campaigns? How can he do his regular duty and then focus on the emergency work?

Generally, PPC managers spend hours on campaign management but if you have only a few spare minutes, here are the top things to do in that short time span.

How to Manage PPC Campaigns in 10 Minutes

Check the Top KPI Stats

As a seasoned consultant, you must already know what the key performance indicators (KPI) are of the campaign you are handling. Therefore, start checking the stats of the main KPI. For example, if your client has an ecommerce business, his KPI should be sales and profit. On the other hand, a B2B company’s KPI can be the number of leads generated per day. Evaluating KPI is not as simple a task as it may seem. For instance, if sales or conversion is your KPI, you need to pay attention to the total number of conversions along with the cost per conversion. Once you start inspecting the KPI, you are destined to find the best and worst performing PPC campaigns.

Stop the Weakest Ads

If some of the campaigns, ad groups or keywords are not bringing enough customers, stop them immediately. Being an expert pay per click consultant, you know that any paused campaign can be re-activated anytime. However, since today, you don’t have the time to research and find what’s wrong with the non-performer, it’s better to move on.

Perform Negative Keyword Research

Once you pause the worst performing ads, take a look at the keywords that are not performing well. For example, some of the keywords may have attracted some customers but the CPA rate is very high. Similarly, some keywords may be generating huge web traffic but not converting. Take the help of Google search query reports to make a list of negative keywords.

Increase Bid on Best Ads

At first, identify the best performing ad groups, those that are generating great conversion at lower CPA rates. Increase the bid of those ads to bring more customers to your client’s site. This task can be done by using “bid simulator”. After that, take the help of AdWords Editor to increase the bids of the most popular keywords. You can sort the keywords by cost per conversion and make changes.

Recreate Your Best Performing Ads

Generally, PPC consultants perform ad copy tests in detail and compose new ad copies to test against the best performers. However, in a busy day, you may not have the time to do so many things. Take a look at the ad copy test result and identify the clear winners. After that, you can either pause the poor ads completely or rewrite the top performing ads and copy-paste them into an ad group a few times. Now, set the ad rotation feature to “rotate evenly” so that the popular ads are shown more times than low performing ads. This will help you increase the conversion rate.

Do Some Positive Keyword Research

You don’t have much time to waste and your job is almost done. Go back to the high performing keywords and do a search query report. Once the report is generated, sort it by conversions and note down the best queries as positive keywords. This task takes only 2-3 minutes but can help you increase the conversion rate.

Make a Plan for Tomorrow

I can understand that after doing so many things, you may want to take some rest, but it’s always better to be prepared for tomorrow. You should write down the most important things learned from the past actions. For example, what requires most attention? What should be your first work after coming to the office? Is there something you need to ask to the client to improve the performance of his PPC campaign?

A good pay per click consultant must be a time management expert. The aforementioned tips will help you manage PPC account in 9-10 minutes and once you are free, you can concentrate on your other duties.

Sarmista Aun is the author of this post. She is an independent and versatile writer. She deals with several advertising campaign and tries in every possible ways to satisfy her clients.