How To Organize Your Email Marketing Campaign – 5 Golden Rules And One Sneaky Trick

Email marketing is the most profitable way to earn money online. However, building an email list is not that easy, although it should be an important segment of your online business.

Rule One: Know all pros and cons of email marketing before you start

Email marketing is a cost effective strategy which can increase your sales conversion. You can also generate repeat sales and so called “up-sells” if you have a decent list with loyal subscribers. Interesting products can also go viral directly from your email.

You also need to know about cons of this kind of marketing. It is hard to manage your subscribers. You don’t know how many emails they are receiving per day. If they are overwhelmed with the emails, they can have “information overload”, therefore you need to be wise and think about catchy subject and message which will drive their attention.

Rule Two: Communicate

Email list building is not so hard. You can find a lot of opportunities to grow your list  such as exchange lists, solo ads, etc. The real challenge is how to keep your subscribers, how to engage people who are on your list.

Communicate with them in a right way. Don’t try immediately to sell them anything. You need to become a problem solver. Solve their problems, establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Rule Three: Choosing Auto-responder

I have tried several email auto-responders and I would strongly suggest to choose either Aweber or Get Response email auto-responder software.

First of all, you have a great choice of templates for your newsletter and you can also choose sign-up boxes. This is what people usually first see when they sign up for some of the email auto-responder services.

You should focus on more important things. Research about the email deliverability rate, which is an important factor. In fact, this aspect helped me to get final decision and to stick with two auto-responders mentioned above- they both have great deliverability rate. Also, their tracking software for follow up emails are excellent.
Prices are – for Aweber 1 month of $1 trial then $19 up to 500 subscribers. Get Response allows up to 2500, and cost $25 per month.  Aweber also has a “sign-up from your Facebook account” option which make easier for people to subscribe.

Rule Four: “Less is more”

When your email subscribers are faced with too many options, they will most likely get confused and choose none. Simply said – choice is demotivating. Give them a less choice and you will increase the number of your sales. Don’t send them too many emails, it is not a good tactic.

Rule Five: Paragraphs

Like I mentioned before, many of your subscribers are most likely subscribed to other email lists. This means your email surely won’t get their undivided attention. If it is long and boring email, they will unsubscribe from your list. You will lose a lot of your subscribers if you create your email in a wrong way.
Use short paragraphs and catchy subtitles. Include an image. If you are planning to send a longer article, then just send  a short info about your article and “read more” button.  Test two or three subject lines to see which one converts better.

Sneaky Tip: Newsletter for mobile website? Use that advantage

You need to create a mobile friendly newsletter for your subscribers.Mobile internet is in high demand and it will only grow in 2013. Many people browse the internet just from their mobile devices. Test your email on your mobile device. If it is not optimized for mobile devices, you can lose a lot of potential customers. Almost half of the Americans, and people from Europe delete email if it is not optimized for mobile device, according to the new study in January.
Don’t be lazy, optimize your newsletter for mobile devices. Many of your competitors are not doing it. Use this advantage.