How to Prepare for the New Facebook Feed?

To the surprise of many, Facebook announced a fresh News Feed will be rolling out. The main changes to the new design involve larger images and a wider focus on visual content, multiple feeds, and consistency across all devices. Zuckerberg’s idea behind these changes was to make Facebook into a personalized newspaper.

It doesn’t seem like much for all the hubbub and attention it’s getting, but the new Facebook feed can have some very real consequences for those social media marketers that are not prepared. Let’s take a look at how you can prepare for the upcoming Facebook changes.

New Facebook Feed

1. Get Visual

In order to get attention with the new Facebook news feed, you need to have a much bigger presence in visual content. While that doesn’t mean you can’t post text updates, you should make a point to include attractive, eye-catching photos, videos, and graphics into each post. Furthermore, try to keep your captions short and sweet. They appear directly on images instead of above or below. Extra long captions will only obscure sections of your image.

Your cover photo will play a larger role in the new Facebook feed. When your page gets a like, your entire cover photo will become a news story in the feed. Set an appealing cover photo that shows off your brand.

2. Maintain Rich, Engaging Content

The more visual-oriented feed makes it easier for users to see the links, stories, and photos that their friends liked. It’s as important as ever to share compelling content that gets people liking, commenting, and re-sharing.

Post updates, notes, and other pieces of content regularly and consistently. The key to great content is understanding your users. Share what they want to see. You may want to center on breaking news and trending topics related to your business. Another great idea is to host a Facebook contest to create some buzz and drive instant traffic to your page.

3. Connect Facebook with Other Image-based Apps

You’re probably seeing a trend here with images and visuals. The more visual stuff you can put on your page, the better. Connecting your Facebook page to your Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr accounts gives you easy ways to add visual content to your page and promote your brand. The new Facebook feed will enhance the appearance of Pinterest images.

New Facebook Feed

4. Encourage Check-ins

If you have a brick-and-mortar store or are hosting a live event, encourage users to check-in. Check-ins will be much more noticeable in your news feed. If a user checks in, his friends are more likely to see it, see your page, and visit your physical store. Ask your fans to check in on your page and at your store location.

5. Get Your Brand on the Waitlist

If you want to see the new feed before it goes public, get your name on the waitlist over yonder. You can get a head start on optimizing your page.

The redesign should prove interesting for users and brands alike. Maintain great visual content and you should have no problem building your community.