How to Set Up Affordable and Effective Adwords Campaign?

Google Adwords provide an excellent way to present and advertise your business worldwide, instantly and easily without waiting for Google organic ranking or the labyrinth of SEO. But you need to set up an effective adwords campaign to get your desired results. Here we have discussed the factors you need to ponder over in this regard.

Campaign Creation

Adwords provide a lot of options to really fine-tune your campaign while making it. Understanding these options is crucial for your campaign. There are recommended settings of course but we should not trust these default settings blindfolded. Adwords is Google’s direct profit making channel and thus Google will of course try their best to extort as much money from you as they can. Let’s take a look at each of the 5 major settings to know which suit you the best.



Name your campaign and head for the type section. You can select search, display and search+display networks for this. Search shows your ads in Google SERP, display shows it on websites which you visit and search+display shows it on both. While each of these options have their own advantages, let’s stick to search networks only. Factually, it has seen better success rate for new campaigns.


After you select search network only, Google will ask you which search engines you want to show up for. You can select Google search partners here (Google powered other search engines) but initially stick to the Google search network only. Your ads will show up not only in Google search but also in like Google Maps, shopping, local etc. We suggest that you add search partners only if your ads catch fire. Otherwise you may end up getting useless traffic.


This one is tricky as there can be no generalised tips here. It must be decided according to the type of your business. If you are a web development company, you might not be interested in getting mobile traffic as people generally don’t search for your services on the go and from mobile. But, if you are a restaurant, you will definitely want the mobile searches as people search for this on the go always. So, select wisely and carefully here.

Another point to remember is whether your site is mobile optimized or not. A side note here should be, get it mobile optimized if you haven’t.


The initial default location is set to USA and Canada but it might not be necessary always, especially for the low budget campaigners. Targeted location can be selected easily however. Consider your core probable market and select it. Areas can be selected using country, city, state and area code. You can also draw a radius surrounding an area to get select your targeted area.

Bidding and Budget

The most important thing is this as this directly handles your money. You can select your daily budget, your per keyword bid, and allow you to modify the default data. DO NOT SELECT PPC  will set up my bid? Under the “Focus on Clicks” section, please select the manual option. Now consider how much money you want to spend for each of those keywords you have in mind. You should ideally set your daily limit just a tad bit lower than daily budget so you don’t overspend accidentally.  We suggest, manually modify your bids to get the best “average position and average cost per click” for your business.

It is indeed a mix of art and science like we mentioned above. It takes keen understanding of user behavioural pattern as well as cumbersome number crunching using Google Analytics to get the perfect PPC campaign going. This reminds us, get your Google Analytics linked to your Google Adwords account so that you can get all the data at your fingertips.