How To U-SERP Your Niche Leaders?

SEO is something like a battle. Often we think of it as a struggle against Google and its algorithms, but at the same time we are also battling other webmasters for the top spot. Sure, Google’s algorithm changes might make life hard for you sometimes, but if it wasn’t for all the competition you’d be at the number one spot no matter what your SEO was like.

So if you’re currently number two to a massive site, you can think of that site as your enemy. It’s time to start employing everything in your arsenal to U-SERP your niche leaders in the SERPs…

Be Better

The most important thing you can do is to analyze that site well and think about how you can offer more to the users. Ultimately it should be the users you’re trying to impress – not Google – so look at their site design, their content and their features and then think about what you could offer over and above that to make your site better than theirs. Spend as much time on this site as you can – as though you were their number one fan – and you will begin to spot areas for improvement.

Do Your Research

While you’re doing all this research it’s also a good idea to search for that site’s incoming links. This way you can see exactly the links profile they built in order to get themselves to their current position. If you can then copy that precisely, you’ll be able to theoretically get yourself to the same point.

Be More Diligent

Often the winner in any competition is just the person who’s willing to stay on the treadmill longer: in other words, the one who puts in the most time, effort and work will be the one who succeeds.

To that end, look into how often your competition posts new articles, how quickly they build new links and generally how much work they are putting into the site. Now if you attempt to make sure you beat them on every single one of those points, you will find that you gradually close the gap and beat them.

Forge Alliances


When forming alliances, the best people to side with are those who are just below you. Look to the other sites on the SERP with you, and then contact them to see if they’d like to work together – perhaps by sharing links or by providing each other with articles. The idea here is that your combined might will probably be stronger than that of the top dog – but because they’re all beneath you they’ll all be eager to get your help and unable to turn on you and get to the top instead.

What If You Can’t Beat Them

Another alliance you could forge could always be with the owner of the site at the top spot. By getting in touch with them you might find that there are ways you can help each other out. Differentiate yourself slightly and there’s no need to go directly head to head. Remember: a little competition is good for the industry.