How to Write a Good Description for Better SEO?

A good description on your Meta description tag is going to help you a lot when it comes to SEO. The Meta tags are not as powerful of an SEO tool as they used to be, but that does not mean that they should be ignored. Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means that you must complete all of your SEO across the board. There is no room for concentrating on one aspect at the expense of another.

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What Your Meta Description Tag Actually Does

When you search for something online, you are given a results page that is loaded with links, and under each link is a short description of the page you are looking for. These days, that description is made up of portions of the website that contain the keywords you entered into the search engine.

But, some search operators (available under the advanced search) will show/display your Meta description underneath the page link. There are also times when your Meta description is the part that contains the keywords that were searched for, and so is displayed in full.

Your Meta description is also a big part of your foundation SEO. It is one of the few things that tell the search engine exactly what your website is all about. Read about meta tags and seo more.

Write a Description that is Enticing for Readers

There are occasions where people are going to see your Meta description on their search engine results page. So, you need to make sure that the description is enticing. Ideally, you want the viewer to see the description and have it convince them to visit your page. You will need to make sure that it is descriptive and easy to read. Do not make the mistake of adding a string of keywords to your Meta description because it is a form of Black-Hat SEO, which is something that Google punishes websites for.

Add at Least Two Keywords to Your Description

Try to add two of your strongest and most powerful page keywords near the beginning of your Meta description. They need to be relevant to your website, and need to flow well within the sentence. You cannot simply add two keywords and then proceed onto writing your description. You need to write grammatically/syntax correct sentences.

Try to put the keywords near the front, so for example, if your keywords are “carrots” and “broccoli”, instead of writing “This is a website that sells carrots and some varieties of broccoli”, you should write “Carrots for sale on this website, and broccoli for sale in a number of varieties.”

Consider the Length of Your Description

Don’t forget that it is only the first 150 characters of your description that are seen on the Google search engine results. The description under each link is quite short, so you need to make sure that your keywords appear very early in your description, and that you have made your point within the first 150 characters.

Some SEO experts tell you that going beyond 150 characters is a bad thing, but it is not, it is just a bit pointless. The search engine will start ignoring your text after around 200 characters, and the end user will not see them anyway.

Mirror the Keywords in Meta Keyword Tag

When you pick your two keywords to put into your Meta description tag, you must copy them from your Meta keywords tag. This piece of advice assumes that you have decided which of your keywords are the most important on your website, and that you have put those keywords into your Meta keyword tag.

It is very important that you mirror (copy) the keywords from your keyword tag. They are supposed to appear in the text/content of your website, and at least two of them should appear in your Meta description. The keywords tag tells the search engines which keywords you are trying to optimize the site for, so putting completely different ones in your Meta description will confuse the issue.

Consider Using Similar Principles for Page Introduction

Sometimes, it is not your Meta description that is seen on under your page link. It is the introduction of your page. That is why you should also consider putting two of your most important keywords near the beginning of your introduction too. Also, try to make sure your description is near the top of the page.