How to Improve Author Rank by Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the hottest tricks today for people who want to rank high in search engine results pages. Ever since Google began penalizing websites for black hat SEO techniques, website owners and SEO professionals have been looking for ways to get an edge over their competitors in search engine result pages.

One of the practices that surviving website owners use is guest blogging services. It has many advantages if done right. One of the best advantages that you can get is improving your authorship ranking. Check out the best ways to increase PR and DA of website.

Do you want to know how to improve author rank by guest blogging? For those who are new at guest posting, here are the steps that you can take if you want your campaign to have positive results on your authorship rank: 

Set Up Your Google Authorship details

Before starting your guest post campaign, you should first learn more about Google authorship and how to use it. You will need a Google+ account to connect all your content to. All the contents you post on other people’s blogs will be credited to you by using html codes that will lead back to your Google+ account. It will also allow readers to add you in their circles which will add credibility to your online reputation.

Find the Best Websites to Guest Blog

After preparing for Google authorship, you should look for the best websites for guest posts. To find these websites, you could do an online search using the keywords that you want to be associated with. The search results will give you the websites that have the best updated contents in the niche that you want to have a good reputation in.

Contact the Webmasters and Set the Terms

You should then email the webmasters of your chosen websites. Be polite on your request to be a guest blogger on their website. Also, set the terms on the links that you will have on your content and the authorship details that will be included in the content’s html codes. See how to become star guest blogger?

Create Contents to Benefit You and the Host Website

If the website that you have chosen accepts guest posts, they will ask for the content that you want to share. This is the biggest factor that most websites consider when making a decision to accept or deny guest posts. When creating a guest post, you should consider the type of contents of the host website. The quality of the contents will determine the amount of social media mileage that you will get from your guest blogging campaign.

  • Hi Shah,

    Good step by step tutorial here! Stick to the basics; write great content and post to the top blogs to boost your author rank.


    • Shah

      Thanks Ryan!

      Quality content is the basic thing we need to focus upon while writing for others or for our blogs.

  • Great Explanation of Domain Authority. I believe that, if you build the
    high quality backlinks you will have good Domain Authority.