The Influence of Fonts; How to Choose the Right One?

There are plenty of factors that go into choosing a font. Much of it comes from your feelings regarding design and the brand of the website or product you are designing for. Fonts obviously have an influence as they are part of the communication process. Here are a few snippets of information regarding fonts and picking the right one.

Fonts that are Easier to Read are Better

If a font is easier to read then it is better. There are some fonts that look fantastic. They look like artistic masterpieces and look as if someone has put a lot of time into them, but if they are hard to read then they are not going to help you get your message across.

The design is important, but the most important thing you have to consider is the message and if people struggle to read it then you are creating problems that need not be there. Some people are just going to give up and not bother reading because what is the point? They have no investment in reading what you have to convey, and if you are going to make it hard work then they have no incentive to bother reading it.

Do Not Look for Stereotypical Fonts

This means that if you have to create something for kids then you do not have to go find out a colorful font or a balloon font. You do not have to go for wispy and pink for girls, and hard blue and silver for boys. You can think outside the box and do not have to go for the stereotypes every time.

Black is Better

Out of all the font colors, black on white is the best. It is the ultimate inoffensive contrast that works perfectly. It is easy to see what is what and even a difficult font is slightly easier to read when it is a black font with a white background.

High Contrast is Second Only to Black

If you are not going to go for black and white then a high contrast is a good idea. Having very bright and bold colors may not be a great idea, but that is more of an artistic thing than a font thing.

A Bold Font may Take up too Much Room

There are times when a bold font looks as if it is taking up too much space. It may be a good idea to avoid bold fonts or at least use them in moderation. They do have a habit of sucking up space and leading the eye where it does not want to be lead.

Very Thin Fonts may be Difficult to Read

There is this idea that very thin fonts are classy, and even if that is true, it still doesn’t hide the fact that the fonts are often more difficult to read than others. Italic and sans script text is difficult to read. Again you have to remember that the text is no good if people have trouble reading it.

Size Matters in the World of Fonts

How big you make your font is going to be a big issue. The size is possibly something that is up to you, but too much of a difference between one line and the next may cause problems. Your text being too small may not be a problem if it is on a product, but if it is on the Internet then you need it to be font size 12 or above or else it becomes difficult to read.

Blending with your Design may not be a Good Idea

You may want your text to blend in a little with the background, and from an artistic standpoint it means you are able to maintain the integrity of your design, but from a standpoint of actually being able to understand the text, it may not be such a good idea.

It is not a Bad Idea to have a Different Font for Your Headers and Titles

This is a commonly done thing and it often looks great. The fonts may not look too good sat side-by-side, but they look great as headers and regular text. The best idea is to have the most conservative font as your main (regular) text and the bolder or more creative font as your headers or titles.

A Bright Font may be Hard to Read

You are probably aware that brighter colors are hard to read. A light blue is difficult to read, as is yellow, light pink and bright green.

Type Facing should Never Overpower the Text

Any font or design should complement the text and not overpower the text and the meaning of the mess being conveyed. The point is to get a message across and if your design or font hinders that in any way then it is a poor design.

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