Top 7 iPhone Apps for Taking Best Photos

Think Your Standard iPhone Camera Provide the Best Images? Try These Apps!

When you visit a store to purchase a mobile phone, what is the one of the important specifications that you ask the salesperson? Probably you begin with asking the size of the screen and then you ask how many pixels the camera would be. A good phone is always judged first by the quality of its cameras and then we come down to other features like memory space and processor, to name a few.

Whether you are one of those who love taking selfies or you are fond of clicking your surroundings, gathering memories wherever you go and whatever you do, if your phone can do the job best for you then what else could you ask for? Besides, I am sure your other social media friends upload the best of their clicks in their account, making you feel the need to do the same. After all, who doesn’t like being praised?

Well, your iOS Store consist of many apps which would help you click or edit photographs to get the best desired results. If you are an iPhone photographer, the mentioned apps might come handy for you as they all perform their specific functions.


Want to feel like a pro while taking pictures from your iPhone as you would have experience if you had a DSLR? Camera+ is the app for you! This app allows you to click pictures as well as edit them at the same platform.

Providing you complete control over the exposure settings that you can change manually, the camera section allows you to separate the exposure and focus points of your object with ease.

For the editing segment, it hosts a large number of filters which can be applied to the pictures. You have the option to preview each filter before finalizing one or multi-layering the filters in case you want to be more creative with your editing skills.


If you would go and ask 5 iPhone users about their favorite photo editing app, I can assure you that at least 4 of them would certainly name Snapseed. Though this app provides almost same standard editing tools that you would easily find in any other app too, what really differentiates it from other apps is its amazingly easy user interface. Just slide your fingers and the job would be done!


Has it ever happened with you that you want to remove some unwanted elements from your photograph but photoshop seems too complicated for you to function? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. This app will do the job with ease for you! All you would be required to do is tap on the objects that you wish to be eliminated and your magician app would do the task for you by replacing it with pixels from immediate areas.

Likewise, you can duplicate any of the objects too by replicating them to any other part of the image.


If you wish to own a DSLR merely because it allows you to click photographs with just your object in focus while the background is being blurred then it’s time to rejoice. Your wish has been granted by your iPhone store! You can easily mark the background and foreground by selecting tools and the task would be completely by the app within few seconds.


Who doesn’t know about the app which probably made phone photography so famous in the first place? This app allows you to not just add filters to your photographs with its basic range of tools available; it lets you share the images within the community.

If you enjoy viewing contemporary photography skills along with sharing your own then Instagram is a must-have for you.


Mextures is an editor’s delight. It allows you to not just edit your image with basic tools selection but it also provides you the freedom to apply layers and textures. Once you start using this app, you would be pleased to discover the large number of editing options it has to offer. And if you think that your editing ‘formula’ can be useful for others too, share it among the community members!

Filterstorm Neue

How would you feel about having an editing app in your iPhone as professional as the Photoshop or Lightroom? If you really like investing time in editing photographs and wish to learn the advanced technical skills in the field then you must download Filterstorm Neue without another thought. It might take you a bit of time to learn the functions of this app perfectly but once you get on it, I can bet that it would become your all time favorite.

Once you start using these apps, you would understand which one actually suits your requirements. You might find that some of these apps would require you to pay to be downloaded while others are free of cost. Nonetheless, you would discover your preferences progressing as your photography skills would evolve.

So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading, Get Clicking! Or if you want to build your own mobile app than contact us, we are a team of expert iPhone mobile apps developers in India.