Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives?

Facebook has been attributed with so many things including being the source of ruin of people’s lives. Like in many things abused by humans, social networking has also revealed its negative side in the form of broken relationships, low self-esteem, envy, and neglect of responsibilities and obligations. When we analyse it further however, these negative effects are more of a product of wrong handling of the platform rather than the platform being bad in itself.

Once something new is discovered and established, humans tend to maximize its use specifically when they derive a certain degree of satisfaction in doing it. This leads to using it for the wrong reason such as searching for diversion from a troubled or unexciting relationship or trying to gain acceptance through online likes and ending up frustrated and depressed. Facebook was initially intended to be a student directory where students can get to know each other. Apparently, things have gotten a lot more complicated than expected.

Perhaps it is because of over-dependence, over-sharing, and over-everything. Humans are unable to stop while the going is good. Whether it is the fault of the makers is beside the point since every participant has a say in providing limits and avoiding the negative consequences.

Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives? – An infographic by the team at Who Is Hosting