Link Building Campaign; Things You Need to Consider!

Link building is the most essential factor while doing SEO in order to achieve a better ranking in search engines. This is usually done by generation of links via postings in blogs, forums and directory submissions. Website owners are increasingly seeking help of the SEO service providers to enhance the popularity of their websites by creating several inbound one-way, multi-way or reciprocal links towards the main website depending on the keywords they searched. This in turn helps them to achieve better ranking in the search engine results. Here is a short list of the factors you may consider while formulating your link building campaign.

1- Always Remain Targeted

Targeted traffic and relevancy should be the main consideration of your link building strategy. It is of great importance that you only post the links on the relevant places to attract the traffic which is relevant and highly interested towards your website. The more relevant traffic you fetch the more profitable your website would be.

2- Building One-Way Links

The most efficient way to build links is one-way link pointing towards your site. The one-way link is a single link directing towards your site. This is usually done by submitting articles related to the content of your site and article directories which contain resource box where you can comment and post link directing to your site. Google spiders consider the one-way relevant links directing to your site as the most efficient way in determining your site rank.

3- Building Multi-Way or Reciprocal links

This is another way in your link building campaign to build multi-way or several non-reciprocal links among at least three partner websites directing in multiple directions towards all the partner websites including your site. The other effective ways can be posting images, videos or RSS feeds on your partner sites.

4- Submitting Links to Top Web Directories

Directory submission not only have positive impact over the popularity of your link but it also improves its ranking in all major search engines by creating several one-way quality links to your site. The best thing is that most of the directories offer free submission of articles to give you a quality link in exchange of quality content you submit. You can go for paid directories as well because this option not only give you quality link in return but also make sure that all of your competitors are not there to enjoy the same benefit.

5 – Use Social Bookmarking Sites

It is actually one of the most important tactics. Today everyone using computer is having social profiles on these social sites so in this way you will get an opportunity to attract real people towards your site by social bookmarking. If you have quality and informative content on your site, people will certainly tag it and will become the regular reader of your site.

6- Hiring Professional SEO Services

Websites owners can hire the services of professional SEO experts on specific rates to build links towards your site. They can also increase the relevancy of your site by building several inbound permanent and related links pointing towards your sites to improve your ranking on the search engine. They do this by submitting the articles to the directories and submissions to the high PR sites and also by distributing the articles to the blogging and other quality content sites and to the social networking sites and forums too. They may also promote your site on popular social networks and directing the discussions and links towards your website or page.  These tactics satisfy the marketing niche which in turn derives more relevant and targeted traffic towards your main site.

This actually means that the links you built should be relevant and targeted and should only be posted in relevant sites and forums and preferably to high PR sites which would result in increased traffic towards your site in 90 days.

However the site owners must avoid over linking or building excessive higher links as the Google spiders can detect the irrelevant and excessive useless links and may discard them when determining your site rank.