Link Schemes Guidelines for Webmasters

Everyone wants a good ranking in Google for his website. Google ranking is based on various factors and one of them is the linking websites. You link various websites to your website but the quality, number of websites and how relevant are these links, all factors affect the ranking of your website. The linking sites are the indication of the quality of your website and they affect on the popularity as well.

If you have a link into your website, which aims the manipulation of your site’s ranking, Google will consider it a part of your link scheme. It’s not about the links only but any attitude which is about the manipulation, including outgoing links. Changes in these links can affect the search results quality and it is considered as a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Let’s have a look at following Link Schemes Guidelines for Webmasters:

Link Schemes Not Allowed Now

Here we are mentioning a few examples of those link schemes, which have a negative impact on the ranking of a website, when it comes to search results.

1- You should avoid purchasing and selling links that improve PageRank. Exchange of money for links, posts containing links and any kind of exchange which involve goods and services against links should be avoided. Moreover, you cannot send a person a free product, if he is writing posts which include links.

2- Link exchanging, like you will link to someone and he will link to your website.
3- Manipulating PageRank also include linking to web spammers and other websites which are not related.
4- Creating links like partners, for cross linking only.
5- Use of such services, which create links to your website automatically.

Which Links are Considered Violation of Google Guidelines?

1- Text advertisements that pass PageRank

2- Hidden links, which are in articles and inserted without breaking the flow of writing, like:

‘The majority of the people sleep at night, and many shops sell cheap blankets, which keep you warm. You can also buy a heater to get extra warmth, when you are going for France vacation, you can turn it off.’

3- Low – quality bookmarks and other directory links

4- Links hidden in widgets that are divided among different websites, for instance:

Visit this page; 1,527
Vehicle insurance

5- Links in the footer of different website, widely spread

3 Things Can Make Your Site Unfriendly to Google

What You Needs to Do Today for Quality Link Building

1- Pay per click or PPC advertising links, which do not affect the PR, are not considered as a violation of the Google Guidelines. PR can be stopped from passing and different methods are used for this purpose. Inserting a rel=”nofollow” attribute to link tag is an easy way to stop passing PR juice.

If you want other websites to create links to your website, you should include relevant content, which is quite unique. Your website will get famous and people will prefer to connect it with their websites. If the content is informative, people will like to create more links to your website. Before creating any link, you have to think twice, either it is useful for the visitors of your website or not.

3 Things to Make Google Friendly Site

Number of links connecting with your website does not matter but the important thing is their quality and how they are related to your website. Good content will play a key role and you will get a good return. Hitting blogger community can also generate good results.

If you find a website, which is trying to change PageRank, contact authorities and they will take the action against such links.

Following these tips and avoiding bad links can really help your sites to gain high ranking without being hit by any upcoming google update.