LinkedIn Business Marketing: Some Innovative Ways You Have Never Thought Before

Social media websites are very popular these days and helping people and businesses connect with each other all over the world. In order to stay ahead of other online merchants, business owners hire the best SEO company in their country but often forget the power of social media. While it’s important to hire a SEO company for better ranking on SERPs, social media marketing can also improve a company’s brand image and boost market share.

There are a number of social media platforms and every single one of them is helpful for business marketing, but the best of them all is LinkedIn. Unlike other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a purely professional networking site. The members of LinkedIn mean business and like to connect with people working in the same industry.

Thanks to this atmosphere, LinkedIn can serve as an excellent B2B marketing platform. If you are interested in brand promotion and market penetration with the help of social media, here is how you can use LinkedIn.

linkedin marketing tips

Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn group page can be generated very easily and once created, it helps you get leads from top-level decision makers. The main goal behind creating such a group is to attract like-minded people/businesses. For example, if you offer website design service and create a group named “website design India”, you will meet both potential employees and clients in the group. They will share their problems and requirements like friends do and if those match with the services you provide, you can approach them with a solution.

Create Valuable Content and Share

You can share articles on LinkedIn and it’s a great way to prove your business expertise. Never post random articles as it will leave a negative impression on readers. You can write articles on topics that are relevant and appeal to the target audience. Make sure there are images and videos in the shared content to impress readers with your research and elucidation abilities.

Start Networking with Credible Users and Businesses

Creating a group and making it popular are two different challenges. You should try to connect with the right people in your business and large corporations to increase the reach of your brand in the virtual world. Just like the best SEO company can make your site rank in the topmost position on SERPs, people in your network can take your group and organization to a new high.

Ask Users to Participate

Group pages thrive on the basis of communication between the members. People often feel shy to post their comments and feedbacks, but as the group admin, you must encourage other members to participate in the conversation. When you share a good tip on website design or news about a new update, the other users will appreciate your knowledge and may ask you to handle their projects.

Use Advanced Search

The growth of a business depends on marketing and promotion but it’s not just the message that matters, your audience does too. For example, if you promote your website design business among college goers, they may find it unappealing, but if the same message is shared among e-commerce business entrepreneurs, they may hire your agency for their web development project. Therefore, you should use the advanced search feature to connect with potential clients and share your products/services. The advanced search tool allows you to filter users on the basis of job title, industry or company.

Ask for Recommendations

The best way to earn credibility on LinkedIn is to ask your past clients for writing “recommendations”. When someone visits your corporate profile for the first time, the recommendations will create a positive brand image on his mind.

Measure Your Success

You must measure your social media marketing efforts to understand what is working and what isn’t. If you find that something is not going as planned, change your strategy to refresh your brand image.

Just as you will hire the best SEO company for website optimization, similarly don’t neglect LinkedIn business marketing. Hire the most reputed social media marketing firm in your area and let them establish your brand image on LinkedIn. The SMM company will promote your products/services and help your business stay ahead of competitors.