LinkedIn Sponsored Ads – Another Social Media Forum Gets In The Queue!

Facebook and twitter are the pioneers in social networking, working on the sponsored ads posting theme. Now LinkedIn also seems to be entering into this line of sponsored Ads. By the use of these sponsored ads on LinkedIn now the respective members having concern to particular sponsored ads will be targeted by receiving these ads on their feeds.

The updates present in the feeds of the LinkedIn accounts will be visible when the users will access their LinkedIn accounts via tablet, desktop, laptop or their Smartphones.

 linkedin sponsored ads 

Location Streaming On Social Websites!

There was a time when the updates with location on social media were being provided by the two social websites known as Foursquare and Gowalla. However after the location tagging feature in Google+, now Facebook , Instagram and Twitter have also started offering their users to tag the locations with their updates. Today we can see people updating their locations every now and then with their updates on these social networking websites.

Marketing via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also being analyzed as a very effective marketing channel. By the use of LinkedIn many companies have been able to advertise their products and services to the users of LinkedIn. Many companies are still in the process of studying of the ways they can make the use of LinkedIn sponsored ads to promote their business.

LinkedIn Signal About To End

LinkedIn has a feature known as LinkedIn signal which has been expired in July so now people won’t be able to access this feature that makes them aware of the updates and saved search in LinkedIn. Apart from the expiry of this service LinkedIn has preserved its features on the website so that people can easily carry out their search related work.

Dissatisfaction and Social Media

In America there has been a lot of dissatisfaction amongst the people as far as the social networking media is concerned. Year by year the satisfaction level of people over the social networking websites is declining.

Twitter With New Plans

As per latest news it is also being heard that Twitter, a very popular social networking engine amongst the general public as well as amongst the celebrities, is going to file an S1 very soon. Although the complete story is yet unknown let’s wait what happens in the coming few months.