Logo to Brand

‘Branding’ was most definitely one of the marketing buzz words of 2012. This looks set to carry on well in to 2013 with new variations such as ‘personal branding’ also being much talked of. Whilst a logo isn’t the be all and end all of a brand it is it one of the main foundations. You want your logo to become instantly recognisable and synonymous with your core values and company ethos. A nicely designed logo will not cover the holes in your products, services or even your company. Anyone can have a logo designed but in order to become a power brand you must have quality, consistency and reliability to support your branding. If you don’t customers will soon come to realise it and your logo will create negative associations in their mind.

Branding has become a complex process that delves into the subliminal as well as the physical. The rise of the internet means that there are now so many ‘brands’ out there and most companies have to fight to be seen. However, it wasn’t always like this. Have a look at our infographic to see how the humble logo started and developed.

logo to brand