Multiple Ways to Allow Users to Submit News or Posts to WordPress Blog

We guess you have seen plenty of sites that allow users to submit different posts or other type of content. In case you want to also have user-generated content on your WP site, then this tutorial is the right thing you have been looking for. The main idea that stands behind this tutorial is that many people don’t want to make a registration just to post a comment and then wait for the admin to approve it. This method is pretty useful for sites like directories, galleries or blogs.

How to Allow Registered Users to Submit Posts on WordPress?

Naturally, WordPress comes with built-in capabilities and roles that allow you to run a multi-author site. Everyone can register on your site and create different content thanks to the user-friendly interface. If you want to enable user registration you should go to Settings -> General and put a tick on ‘Anyone can register’ which can be found next to the Membership option. The default role that should be chosen is Contributor or author.

After applying those changes users will be able to register to your website. If you want to let them know they can contribute to your website by letting them register, you can go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag/drop the Meta widget to the sidebar. When this is done the users will be able to use the admin area to submit their content. Based on the default user role, they will have limited access.

How to Allow User Posts on WordPress without Registration?

Lots of the website owners do not want to make things complicated by forcing their users to register. In such case you need a solution that will let users submit their content without having to fill in a registration form.

The first thing you have to do is to install the User Submitted Posts plugin and activate it. To do so go to Settings -> User Submitted Posts and start configuring the plugin! On the settings page, right under the option you can customize everything and adjust it in the way you want. You can select the fields you want to hide/appear on the submission form or you can choose a default author. It might not be a bad idea to create a new Guest User and assign all new posts to him.

You can also allow people to upload images but restrict them to a certain size or number. You can even set the images as featured image. In order to display the content submission form you will have to create a new post or page.

How to Allow Users Submit News at WordPress Blog?

If you don’t want people to submit whole articles or want them just to submit images or post links with various descriptions, then the User Submitted Posts plugin allow you to hide any item you don’t want to display. For instance, you want users to be able to submit links and here is how to do this. Go to Settings -> User Submitted Posts and find the option box, choose only post URL and post title fields in order to hide/show rest of them.

As mentioned above now you need to create a new page to show the form for post/link submission. Just paste the following code in this page and give proper title to make it live for submissions:
user submitted post
Your form will look like this:

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