On-Page SEO Factors You Must Remember

Whenever we talk about on-page SEO factors the first thing which comes to our mind is the proper use of keywords in various sections of page structure. So here we decided to elaborate one of the most important SEO techniques, use of keywords in order to explain it comprehensively. Do not overstress on any tactic as here it’s presented with a subjective approach as no one is sure of the Google algorithm it uses to rank your site. Therefore there is no principal factor which is unanimously agreed over all other. Here are some simple and easy to implement tips to be used.

Role of Keywords in On-Page SEO

Keywords play the most essential role in designing an effective SEO plan. You need to have a good go on keyword search and know what an effective keyword is. WordPress, along with a good SEO plug-ins can make your implementation of your keywords on page seo very simple. Here are some areas which you need to stress upon to effectively implement your keywords.

Use of Keywords in “Title Tags”

Filling out your <title> tag is very important as the naming and identifying title of your page. It not only optimizes your page but also would appear in Google search result as your page title. Therefore you need to put the most important and most effective (highest searched and lowest competition) keyword in your <title> tag. Google considers this important over other factors while deciding your page ranking and indexing it and determining what is your page about.

Use of Keywords in “Heading Tags “

The effective use of heading tags is essential skills you need to put in while SEO. Effective use of the keywords in this portion helps Google to determine what is most important on your site and is to be preferred over the other content present. According to an estimate most people look at the top left of your page for information so most effective keywords should be tag here using H1 tags. Less important word should be put in H2 and least important but noteworthy keywords in H3.

Use of Keywords in “Content”

Good content play vital role in your SEO planning. And this constitutes including the important and relevant keywords effectively in your text where applicable. This implies the avoidance of over saturation of keywords in your text which may get you penalized or gets you de-indexed.  Many SEO practitioners have put forward a number of keywords to be used in your text but none can be considered perfect. So write your content in a way to make that look natural while using reasonable number of keywords.

Words Surrounding Your Keywords

Besides inspecting your keywords Google also looks at the words surrounding your keyword to have a better idea of your content. So these words are equally important as your keywords. So make sure you are not into any such activity to be considered “black hat” by Google.

Use of Keywords in “Domain Name”

This contributes reasonably while Google determines the ranking of your site. This would need a careful planning beforehand. Along with that you may also name your sub domains on keywords to make them more specific and relevant. This would leave a fine impression on Google to rank your site accordingly

Additionally you should also consider the use of hyphens as they represent spaces. So if you are using keywords in your URL break them up.  This strategy would prove effective for Google to know what your site is about.