seo techniques

Simple and Useful SEO Techniques to Enhance the Overall Performance of Your Site

While you are trying to maintain and expand your online existence, search engine clicks matter a lot. The higher your website appears in search engine’s result, the more desirable clicks you will get. There are a number of ways that you can reap in the benefits of SEO. One option is to pay and register your website for sponsorship placements on the top search engines like Google. If you have…

track external links via google analytics

Track External Links via Google Analytics

You can get the information about the traffic, which comes towards your website if you have linked Google Analytics and your Google account. You can also track the record of outgoing linked, which are clicked, if you have the Google Analytics account. URL generator is offered by the Google to the webmasters, which help tracking campaigns. Related IDs and other sources for the campaign are also provided. You will be…

track social media activity by google analytics

Track Social Media Activity via Google Analytics

A large number of companies are using social media websites as a source for the promotion of their website. This marketing strategy is really successful for many companies. In this situation, it is important to track the interaction between customers and these websites. Google Analytics will help you to get the information about the number of visitors, which have visited your website through a social media website route. This is…

track podcast by google analytics

Simple Ways to Track Podcast Downloads via Google Analytics

If you have an account with Google Analytics, it will be easier for you to get information for you about those users, who see your website. You can also know that for how much time they were visiting your page. If you have podcasts audio files, which are in downloadable format, you will be able to change your HTML code. This will provide you information that how many people downloaded…

social media traffic ways

Effective Ways to Drive Social Media Traffic

Visitors which a website gets from search engines is the most wanted traffic for any website. Web 2.0 is another option if you want to get traffic. These websites provide not just the reading material but they are really interactive too. A lot of websites are emerging, which allow their users to create content, and share their things with their social network. It is also known as social web and…

search engine spiders

Technical Guidelines to Attract Search Engines

Every webmaster want to attract search engines to get higher ranking but only few achieve this goal. The actual difference lies in efforts and technical guidelines needs to be followed to attract search engine spiders easily. Here in this post we’ll discuss some important technical guidelines to attract search engines towards your site to get desired ranking eventually. Use Text Browser for Scanning the Site A good number of search…

content and design guidelines

Design and Content Guidelines to Create Quality Websites

If you are looking for design and content guidelines you should follow to make a quality site with nothing wrong with its design and content quality then you must have a look at following guidelines specified by Google itself. 1- Use Transparent Hierarchy and Text Links Use transparent hierarchy and text links while designing the site. At least one static link must be there for every page. Design the site…

tips to create 404 page

Tips to Create Useful 404 Page

A user encounters 404 page when he or she comes upon a nonexistent page on a site which can result due to mistyping of the URL, deletion of the page, or maybe due to clicking a broken link. A 404 page is a HTTP status code of 404 which is in response to an appeal for a nonexistent page. Upon failure to locate the page in demand the webserver gives…

link schemes

Link Schemes Guidelines for Webmasters

Everyone wants a good ranking in Google for his website. Google ranking is based on various factors and one of them is the linking websites. You link various websites to your website but the quality, number of websites and how relevant are these links, all factors affect the ranking of your website. The linking sites are the indication of the quality of your website and they affect on the popularity…

7 seo rules

7 Basic SEO Rules to be Followed to Get Desired Ranking

With the constant evolution of SEO as an industry and practice the sites are now becoming more dependent on the search engines which usually don’t pay heed to rank your site high unless you put something extra into it. The SEO tools and tactics are being replaced and updated constantly making it more and more challenging to work under the guidelines of search engines to achieve a reasonable ranking on…