viral-marketing elements

Basic Elements of Viral Marketing You Must Consider

Viral marketing refers to the marketing or promotion of an object via pre-existing social networks to create your brand awareness or to improve your sales through self replicating processes likewise spread of viruses or computer viruses multiplying in number. It is usually initiated via the words of mouth and supported by the strong networks on internet. Viral marketing may take the forms of video clips, adverts, games, interactive flash files,…

google emd update

Google EMD Update; Reasons and Responses

There is a lot of buzz around about google EMD update, unlike previous panda and penguin updates, not only by those who got a severe hit but also by those not hurt at all and the reason is obvious. Hitting sites for having low quality content and for being involved in spam link building schemes seems absolutely logical as we all want to see quality and spam-free online environment but…

website building software

How to Design Professional Websites without Having Any Programming and Designing Expertise?

We are breathing in an innovative technological era where we have to maintain our social or business profiles online. Social profiles are created and maintained on huge social platforms but for having your business identity online you have to design professional website. However, every person does not have required designing and programming skills to get hold of it. Convincingly, half of the work is done by acquiring a blog on…

seo errors

3 Common SEO Errors Which Can Make Google Unfriendly to Your Site?

Webmasters often ask why their site is not getting the desired ranking in search engines and why google is behaving so unfriendly to them while they are doing everything they can do to get it. The reason is some common and simple SEO errors they commit intentionally or unintentionally which turns google and other search engines against their sites. So we decided to mention 3 common SEO errors which can…

Google Panda update

Capitalization by Small Business on Change in Google Algorithm

During February 2011 Google came up with a change in its search engine algorithm structure in order to panelize the duplicate content writers who simply re-arrange the pre written content and publish it over and over several times. There is a plenty of content online on such stuff but very little has been published on how the small businesses can capitalize on the change in Google algorithm. Here are a…


Top Ten SEO Mistakes to Avoid

When starting off with your SEO project you may need to consider many things to be followed and not to be followed. This may turn out to be frustrating while deciding with what tools would be most effective. No doubt, everyone aspire to rank higher and higher until his site appear on the first page of Google just to get more and more traffic everyday.


SEO Tips for Those Having Multiple Domains

While searching for anything we sometimes come across the two websites of similar types having similar content and products or whatever they are offering. I often wonder why people opt to have multiple domains for same business. Not the related domains but only the name is different and sites are same in terms of content, pictures, products or services they are offering. We may find them in two ways, firstly…


Link Building Campaign; Things You Need to Consider!

Link building is the most essential factor while doing SEO in order to achieve a better ranking in search engines. This is usually done by generation of links via postings in blogs, forums and directory submissions. Website owners are increasingly seeking help of the SEO service providers to enhance the popularity of their websites by creating several inbound one-way, multi-way or reciprocal links towards the main website depending on the…