How to Pass Google Hummingbird Test by Adding Rich Snippets for Your Content?

Since the latest algorithm update by Google by the name of Hummingbird, several low quality websites have come under the radar. At the rate at which this new algorithm has managed to hunt down poor quality websites, it is very important that you take every step to ensure that you do not fall prey to this algorithm and run the risk of your website being banned by Google. This does not mean that you need to completely shun SEO. Relying on credible companies offering SEO in St. Louis is as important, however, long tail keywords should be your top priority as this is what the new algorithm- hummingbird aims to filter. These long tail keywords are also referred to as conversational search since the search term entered eerily resembles a sentence which needs to be answered. Watch Passengers (2016)

Pass Google’s Hummingbird Test

Google has a definitive database. It is from this database that information is displayed when searched. If you want the information present on your website to form part of this database or that of other search engines’, you must seriously contemplate using the rich snippets by Microdata is another name given to this phenomenon and the reasons as to why using the microdata can prove to be a wise decision to save your website and to pass google Hummingbird test.

Do Not Underestimate the Power that Microdata Holds

As a human, you have the mental ability to look through a website and gauge its structure by surfing the different areas that the website has to offer. However, this does not apply to the search bots. They essentially do not have the capacity to understand the relationship between two elements and therefore, using microdata can help them understand what exactly the relationship is. Therefore, when a search query is made, it will relate to the data in its database to show the results. Microdata give search engines the power to understand the relationship between the search query and the result that should be displayed.

No Language Barrier

So far, English is the only language that is used to document the microdata. However, you are entitled to make use of the scheme in the language of your choice. This eliminates the language barrier. However, it is important that you strictly abide by the schema rules for it to work. This can be extremely beneficial especially if your potential customers run in a search in the local language. This, nonetheless, makes no alterations in terms of the website’s presentation.

Rich snippets get more preference in the search engines results page!

In recent times, when you enter a keyword into Google’s search box, the results are often displayed with a rich snippet alongside the information displayed. It is surprising to know that Google gives a monumental amount of importance to websites that have incorporated rich snippets. The new Hummingbird Algorithm also encourages website owners to do so in order to get a better preference in the results page of the search engines.

Microdata will Bear Useful Results for Niche Websites

While looking for companies specialising in SEO in St. Louis is important, it is also equally relevant that you consider using microdata markup especially if you own a niche website. Niche websites simply mean websites giving out information in one distinct field. Therefore, it could be a review site, a recipe website and even a sports website. Microdata markup combined with long tail keywords is a sure shot way to get Hummingbird’s approval for your website to be visible in search engines.

The benefits of this microdata markup are aplenty. Therefore, it would be extremely wise to incorporate these changes into your website with the arrival of Google’s latest Hummingbird algorithm.