Pinterest: The Social Media Success Story with 13.7 Million Visitors

Pinterest is a very unique a success story with 13.7 million visitors who have embraced this social network to date.  But what is it and how does it work?  Launched in 2010, Pinterest allows you to use the screen as a virtual corkboard on which pins can be saved, shared and displayed. It lets the users select content from the Web and organize them meticulously, grouped according to the themes (the boards) – they can include items as diverse as recipes, portraits of people we admire or streets…. Everyone is free to form his own visual world by aggregating this information into interests that others can also like, comment or re-pin these images, provided that they are allowed.


A Social Network for Oneself – Rather Than Everyone Else

The arrival of Pinterest induced a different viewpoint on what social media could be, with the use of networks such as Facebook or Twitter so far entrenched into the web user’s psyche. Far from being a social mirror against which we want others to see us, Pinterest can be put in a space that was created for itself. And who cares if you do not win followers, the goal is not to engage in a race for popularity.

Pinterest Relies on the Highly Visual World

What lets Pinterest be different from the other social media networks is that unlike Facebook and Twitter, it make use of large images – and is designed in reality just for personal use. The fact that people subscribe to you is not important – it’s the gathering of the images that inspires the users.

Like the Evernote application, Pinterest allows anyone to gather content for themselves (and not necessarily for others), Pinterest is, in essence, an inspirational service. It has an ease of use and more.  The success of Pinterest is primarily due to hyper visual appearance and simplicity as the added value is not so much in content aggregation (something already allowed with Evernote and Delicious) but just for the public – quite simply it is not just for geeks.

Comes as a Breath of Fresh Air

Pinterest is a digital scrapbooking service that brings a breath of fresh air in the world of social networks that are often criticized for their superficiality and self-centeredness … Pinterest has already attracted nearly 13.7 million unique visitors worldwide in January 2012, according to comScore and these numbers are only set to rise even further.

If you have yet to try out Pinterest then you can do so using the links towards the bottom of the article.

Article compiled by Marc Chili – for an example of a Pinterest board please see this one he set up regarding Best Buy Discounts and Offers.