PPC vs SEO – Which is Better in 2013?

SEO and PPC are marketing techniques that could bring you traffic. The PPC ads, or Pay Per Click, are made with the purpose of “buying” visitors for the website of the company, by placing ads on the pages that display search results on engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is a natural way of obtaining top classifications in results, for searches on relevant keywords, by creating a website that is rich in the respective phrases. However, the importance of those techniques, which can be used in a complementary way, has changed along the history of internet.

ppc vs seo

A Little History

When Google introduced AdSense and other programs that allowed them to make real money, they also “pushed” those services beyond the normal borders of popularity. In 2001-2005, the ads and banners were more aggressive, because they brought money. However, users started to look for cleaner pages, with a limited numbers of spammy windows and texts, and this is why Google needed to adapt its strategies also, with the risk of losing some money on the short term. In 2013, it seems like SEO is back in power, although PPC remains the most preferred method by large and powerful companies.

2013 Marketing War: SEO vs PPC

SEO is a natural way of obtaining top classifications in search engines, by creating a website that is rich in keywords, and with a solid infrastructure of links. However, which one is better for you in 2013?

Even if the PPC results appear first on the page, and they are also highlighted by a colored box, the users usually click on the first organic result, which is the first one on the white section of results in Google. Many searchers are not even able to tell you why. Probably because they know from experience, at a subconscious level, that the most relevant result for what they are looking for is the “white” one. This means that SEO is a lot more powerful than PPC.

Then Why…?

It is still a mystery why large companies prefer to invest money in PPC. We suppose that they don’t work with dilettantes when it comes to their websites, so why aren’t they able to see the obvious? The truth is that SEO is effective for smaller companies and individuals, while PPC is a smart marketing idea for giants of worldwide economy.

When you see Coca Cola written on the first page of Google Results, you don’t need to click on it to see what it is. Big companies prefer to pay PPC just to know that their names are seen. The average user clicks the first “white” result, but has already seen the “green” result, and this is enough for those companies.

In fact, it is rumored that those campaigns are paid per impressions, not per clicks. This means that the majority of those companies pay something to Google whenever results are displayed, not clicked (don’t worry; we are not talking about sums that would bring those corporations to bankruptcy).


Both PPC and SEO will be popular and used in 2013. The owner of a small website, or of a service that needs to grow online needs clicks, not impressions, so SEO is the right thing to do. If you are the owner of a large corporation, well, we will just allow your “experts” to tell you what to do.

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