Practical SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing

It is more than obvious that the latest updates of Google haven’t been helpful to the affiliate business which turned out to be a hurting experience to many affiliate marketers all over the world. Today we need to follow the practical tips for affiliate marketers in the current online market.

In spite of this, the last time when a description of the Google Quality Rating Guidelines was made known anonymously with sections that showed a warning for affiliate websites by determining the founded ones as “thin”. Such affiliate websites have been trying to generate profits out of multiple domain names, redirecting to another URL which does not have unique content and having more than one “Whois” individuals of the 2 websites in question.

SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing

The old approach, if you don’t remember it, was to get a domain enriched with keywords, then obtain great anchor text backlinks from “high-quality” websites and start adWords campaign. This approached was established as old-fashioned, thanks to Google’s new approach, although many owners of affiliate websites still believe that their ranks will keep up their good rankings by magic. However, the time of those sites is long gone now.

Below you will find information regarding different ways in which affiliate marketers can update their SEO strategy in order to fit into Google’s new rules. You can also apply these SEO tips for affiliate marketing to boost your product sales drastically.

First, Why Think About Affiliate Marketing?

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is…explained in few words – you make promotions of a product and if somebody purchases it – you get a commission. However, you need to ask yourself the question – is it worth the money and time?

There are some major points:

  • It isn’t anything complex – affiliate marketing is considered to be the easiest way to earn money online. All you have to do is to promote a product that you consider as valuable to people.
  • No investments are needed – you don’t have to invest to buy a stock of the products in order to market them. Advertising is a type of an additional benefit.
  • Earning money is not that difficult – this is the most crucial reason to give it a try. If you do things right – money will come.

1. Look Into What Others are Advertising?

Probably the most important step that you must do is to keep an eye on your competition. It is always better to be prepared.

Speaking of online marketing, there is a small number of websites that release their monthly earning report. Find such posts because they are reasonably helpful to people who are new to this kind of business.

Another good starting point is the product evaluation. It is always better to know a few things about the products and their qualities. If you manage to do this in the right way, you will see that the success will come sooner than expected. Watch out top secrets to squeeze unlimited sales in affiliate marketing.

2. Write an In-depth Review Post

This is the best thing you can do in order to acquire your readers. Make them check what you market…it is better than trying to convince them you have experience. People evaluate your efforts and if you are good enough, then you will not have any problems.

In practice every affiliate program provides banners that can be added to the sidebar and therefore more people will be able to see what you are promoting. At the same time, most people will just take a look at them and leave them aside, almost nobody will click. This is why you have to be original and find a way in which attract the customer’s attention toward the product you are promoting.

So if we have to sum up everything said so far…when writing a review the general rules will still apply. Pay attention to the images you will be using. Don’t miss to include photos for the crucial features you are suggesting.

As long as the length is important, make sure that your content is engaging and unique. It will be a better approach to show the visitors that you know lots of things about the services/products you are offering. Just know what you are promoting. Read best tips to write product reviews.

3. How About Affiliate Marketing Lacking SEO?

Seeing that the rank of your webpage is improving is really great. However, if you want to make this happen you have to work really hard since there are millions of sites out there.

The higher the rank of your page is – the more traffic you will get. This automatically means that with more traffic more sales will come, and this is your main goal. Generate profits by selling products/services.

Therefore to get the most of your chances, you should put your keyword such as “Product name review” in more than a few paragraphs in your review article. In order to get the most of your chances you should put your keyword. For example: “product name review” more than a couple of times.

  • In the main heading – mention the keywords at least one time – it is highly recommended.
  • In the initial paragraph – Right after the main heading, the initial paragraph comes – here you can put the keywords more often, but not too close to each other because the content will not be that engaging. Putting keywords here is as essential as doing the same in the main heading.
  • Every so often – Remember that it is good to put keywords often, but not too often, simply because the text will be boring and will not be interesting to people reading it. This is why it is always better to give it a read every few lines or so. Remember to check your style as well. Discover best affiliate tactics to do it in a better way.

4. Think as Promoting a High-Quality Brand

Google go on to name the brands in the search results that most affiliates try to get. It is time to think innovative. You can present a great variety of products, but you need to convince people that they need them.

You must find about how your website can stand out.

  • Pay more attention on a keywords
  • Offer special customer service
  • Offer an exciting user experience

5. Realize and Write for Your Customers

By generating unique and cooperative content you do a couple of more things; first it develops your brand, boosts the reliability and proves your website as a source to be trusted. So it is a good thing to generate huge content day after day.

The sooner you realize this – the better.

  • Recognize your customers
  • Locate your clients
  • Fulfill the every expectation of your customers
  • Give importance to your customers

6. Think beyond Google

It might sound a bit impossible, but actually more than 75% of the traffic to websites comes from Google, so broadening your traffic resources can be less reliant on Google.

Just think this way – is your site going to continue existing if Google stops working. If not, then you must make everything you can to broaden your audience and increase the traffic.

Final Words

So basically you have to start promoting something that you are really interested in. In that way you will be able to work and enjoy your hobby at the same time and the good news is that you will even earn money. Feel free to share your ideas!