9 Quick Ways To Make More Money With Email Marketing

Email marketing can make you boatloads of cash if you know how to keep your list expanding. In this article, get the inside scoop on the 9 quick ways to make more money with email marketing.

9 quick ways to make more money with email marketing

1- Sell Solo Ads

Selling solo ads is simply where you sell to others an advertisement of another person’s business to your list. You should send out a complete email promoting the other person’s company or business since this can pay up to $100 more.

2- Sell Affiliate Products

You should consider selling affiliate products to the people in your list. You can sell your list anything that is related to the main niche that you are in. Do not sell them something completely random.

3- Sell Your Own Products

You can create your own products and sell them to your list using the power of eJunkie. Selling your own products is not easy, and it can take time.

make money with email marketing

4- Sending Subscribers

Companies are willing to give you $1 or more for each person you get on your list to sign up to their offers or list. This is quite a good way to make some extra cash.

5- Sponsored Email Ads

Instead of doing solo ads, you can charge more with sponsored email ads. This is where you place a banner ad to somebody else’s website on all of your emails sent. You can charge hundreds for twenty emails where you’ve promoted them.

6- Paid Reviews

You can actually be paid from certain reviews when you write about their product and you send it out to your list.

7- Sell Websites

If you want to resell your old websites, then consider selling websites via your list. Many people want to buy newly created websites and domains, so there is big money to be made in this industry.

8- Donations

At the end of every email newsletter you send out, let everybody know that you are willing to accept donations at all costs.

9- Promoting a New Website

If you have built a new website and you would like more traffic right away, let the people on your list call you as soon as possible. This is the key to getting more traffic as soon as possible. This single technique is surely very helpful.

Email lists are always important to have. You really need a lot of people on your list in order to make a lot of cash. This industry of Internet marketing is not easy to make cash from. The key for you to do is simply to know how to promote your list and get more subscribers as soon as possible. There are many more insights you can get by being part of an autoresponder service. These online services often have great guides to get you started with email marketing effectively. Check out this Pure Leverage Review because this is one of those helpful ones. The money really is in the list. Your biggest goal is to look for a way to monetize this list the right way and make the most amount of cash from it as possible.

James K. Samuel Obsessive is an Internet and Digital Marketer, Analytics Junkie, Ecommerce Maven, graphics designer, learning addict, and a bass player.