SEO Content Writing; 5 Things You Need to Ask While Hiring Writers

The content in your site is actually the foundation of your site. It is the energy required to drive your site and bring back the customers for more. So it is worthwhile to pay required attention to have the relevant, targeted and effective quality content with integrated SEO requirements that serve your purpose.

As per the estimates Google is taking harder stance at content more than ever to know about your site. Even if you ignore Google generally why would people prefer a weak or unprofessional content to spend their hard earned money on a thing that fails to convey the good impression effectively?

As SEO based content writing is holding grounds you may consider to outsource your content writing as may not possess the required skill or time could be a limiting factor in your case. In that situation hiring a content writer would solve your problem.

Hiring a content writer actually requires an insight to be built in. A mediocre mind can make your well establish business look unappealing and ordinary to online researchers. That’s why here I am putting a few questions which you must get answered when you are hiring a content writer for producing SEO content for your site.

1- What Credentials They Have?

Credentials can actually be defined as being able to pay $22 instead of $2. This actually due to hiring someone’s expertise. Writing is actually an art within you or an inborn ability you have. If you are not natural-born writer you may take lectures or trainings to improve your English to write well. But the required energy that makes the reader jumps off the page can only be delivered by people who possessed the natural ability to write.

Apart from that a professional writer would hold the other requirement such as a professional degree on “communication” or in “journalism” from some reputable institution to back up his skills.

In such case even if you are paying an extra $20 dollar but you are actually buying their credentials which would still add more bangs to your bucks which is much worthwhile than hiring a $2 unprofessional, non expert and sometime non-English speaker.

2- What Information They Require to Create Quality SEO Content?

When hiring a professional writer or team for your website you need to provide him with basic information of your organization along with some most desirous keywords and special requirements or features you would want to have. You may also guide him about the style such as more formal, creative or casual content to adopt while creating your content. Often a writer may ask to have a look on your site to get an idea of your existing style to maintain consistency on your page.

3. How Long Will It Take?

The internet world is the ever changing and fastest moving world. The time taken in writing your content therefore holds dire importance. The longer you take to present something the more money you are missing out. And a professional writer actually understands this time requirement and accommodates you accordingly.

A professional team would give you accurate estimate of delivery time depending on your size of order. The time length depends upon your requirements. So if they ask you for weeks for a short term work instead of few days then you are dealing at a wrong place.

4- Do They Have Qualified Team of Writers or Writing Themselves?

A professional content writer should have a qualified team and strong quality control measures to get your work done in time and qualitatively. If your content writer is an individual he may fall victim to bait and switch routine and may have to rush in eleventh hour to deliver your content in time. And rushing only worsens the things further. Therefore a strict controlling measured and a trained team is required.

5- How Do They Respond to Your Queries?

A good and professional team would not only deliver you quality work but would also provide you with good customer support service. They should offer round the clock support for all of your queries whether it be before the order is finalized or while it is being worked or after it has been delivered.

If you will keep these top five things in your mind while selecting a writer for SEO content writing you will certainly not disappointed with the results you will get in return of money.