SEO Techniques to Survive Google Panda And Penguin Updates

As an internet marketer, it is extremely important for you to make use of SEO tactics that are compliant with Google Panda and Penguin updates in order to enhance your website’s visibility and increase your traffic. To be honest, making money out of your website is only going to be possible when you manage to get your website on top of search results for the keywords that you have targeted. The best part about SEO is that you really don’t have to splash out huge amounts of cash over it, and a majority of its techniques are literally free. This obviously means that you should perhaps stick to trying out the free ones first, and then move on to the paid ones.

Let’s see the SEO Techniques to Survive Google Panda And Penguin Updates below:

seo after panda and penguin

Keywords and Their Importance

Now, in order to get started, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that the keyword which you are targeting is present in your domain name. This is basically going to help you rank well for keywords that are extremely competitive. One major element that you need to decide on is whether you wish to just have a sales page that would be targeted on a particular keyword, or would you actually want to create a full-fledged blog where you get to target several keywords and phrases. You need to find the right keyword to rank well. Also don’t underestimate the importance of finding the long tail keywords and using them effectively to avoid penalties from Google in a long run.

Promoting your website through Google Panda and Penguin updates compliant means…..

Once this decision of using particular keywords is made and your website is up and running, you now need to start promoting it with the help of means that are compliant with Google Panda and Penguin updates. For this purpose, you would need to try your hands at writing high quality articles, link building and you would also have to create videos. What you need to bear in mind is the fact that people these days use Google to acquire solutions to their problems and if you wish to rank well over Google, it is necessary for you to give them the answers to their questions in the most efficient manner possible. Remember, if you appear suspicious in any way whatsoever, Google is definitely going to penalize your website.

Google Penguin Impact on Branded Anchor Text Links

Consider this – you run a website that is focused on various dietary supplements. Now, a user that is interested in these looks up your targeted keyword on Google and your website appears right on top. Do you have any idea how great that is and how much exposure you would be getting out of it? For this reason, it is highly recommended for you to indulge in the best SEO practices so that you can reach up to number 1.

Delivering Targeted Information

Another thing that you need to bear in mind is the fact that the traffic acquired through search engines generally tends to be very targeted. People have spot on queries these days, and nothing vague is going to do the trick for them. For this reason, you also need to present targeted information to them so that they may find it easier to reach out for you.

Build High Quality Relevant Links

In order to enhance the overall visibility of your website, it is also highly recommended for you to get high quality back links. High quality links have received ample importance after the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Remember, backlinks from just about any other website are no good these days. Instead, you need to acquire backlinks from high quality PR sites that generally seem to hold authority in your niche. This is not easy and is going to take up a bit of time, but don’t worry as the results are going to be extremely good for your SEO campaign.

  • There aren’t many writers out there who promote the usage of brands as anchor text. I have read one article talking about it. This is probably the second one with that same idea. I actually started using this strat in my link building processes.